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12 Clever Boyfriend Gifts for Any Guy, Priced $9 to $50 • budget FASHIONISTA

12 Clever Boyfriend Gifts for Any Guy, Priced  to  • budget FASHIONISTA

Ask most about buying for a boyfriend, or men in general, and the response is usually “They’re impossible!” But once you narrow it down to a more specific category of interest, selecting boyfriend gifts becomes infinitely easier.

Whether your guy spends the weekend in the woods, plays pranks on friends, sips whiskey, grills meat, or changes his outfit three times before leaving the house, I have just the thing.

Take a look at the boyfriend gift guide below and get your guy checked off early this year.

Boyfriend gifts for the outdoorsman

1. Multitool

Every outdoorsman needs a multi-use survival tool, or maybe two. This practical gift from Maarten has 14 tools built into one small package. Your guy can cut, saw, pry, file, hammer, and screw — oh and open his bottle of Corona, too.

This tool is made of wear-resistant, anti-rust stainless steel. It lives in an included nylon pouch that easily slips into a pocket or backpack. He’ll want to take it everywhere, from fishing trips to a hike in the woods.

This gift comes with a bit of responsibility, though. From experience, I’m guessing your outsdoorsy guy will keep his multi-tool in his favorite backpack. That same backpack is probably also his favorite carry-on bag. Make sure he doesn’t inadvertently take his multi-tool to the airport. He’ll be sad when it’s confiscated.

2. Flashlight gloves

My husband has a thing for flashlights. Seriously! There are flashlights in his car, in his nightstand, and in his pocket if it’s dark. I will admit, it’s a practical obsession. When I drop my credit card on the ground as I’m getting out of the car at night, hubby’s light beam is a lifesaver.

If he loves a flashlight, just imagine how much he’ll love hands-free light, courtesy of clever, waterproof flashlight gloves. Sure, they have a super-hero-costume vibe, but I’m guessing my guy (and maybe yours too) will appreciate these when it’s time to — I don’t know — repair an engine or hitch a trailer in the dark.

3. Beer chiller sticks

After a long day of hiking or kayaking or climbing rocks, your guy deserves a cold beer. If it’s hot outside, that old rolling plastic cooler may not deliver the lasting chill he wants for his brewed hops.

Beer chiller sticks are the solution. The sticks live in your cooler or freezer. When he’s ready for a cold one, he opens his beer and pops the chilled stick inside. He drinks through it like a straw and his beer stays cold until the last drop.

The sticks come with a bottle opener and fit standard, long-neck bottles.

Guy gifts for jokesters

1. Custom face socks

This is a huge generalization, but every funny guy I know wears patterned socks. And the funnier he is, the more outlandish his socks are.

That’s why these custom face socks caught my eye. You can put his face on them or yours — whatever you think he’ll appreciate more. If you use his face, choose an awkward or embarrassing pic, just for fun.

2. Potty Putter

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

  • PUTT-Y TRAINING – Help even the…
  • NO CADDY REQUIRED – This set…
  • HOLE IN ONE – If your short game…
  • GO PRO – This game set is perfect…

Never again will you wonder, “What is he doing in there?” Because you’ll know exactly what’s taking so long. The Potty Putter comes with its own mini green (which works double duty as a floor mat if you so desire), cup with flag, two golf balls, putter, and “Do Not Disturb” door hanger.

3. True facts book

How about a book of fun facts that will shock and awe his friends (and yours)? With this book in his back pocket, he’ll solidify his role as life of the party. You can almost hear him saying, “Did you know there’s a species of turtle that can breathe through its butt?”

The only problem with this gift is you may have to listen to him repeat these facts 20 times over.

Black Friday sale banner for Byrnie Boutique.

Guy gifts for the whiskey drinker

1. Bourbon-infused socks

There are many whiskey-themed gift options, such as whiskey stones and whiskey nosing glasses. But MinxNY’s Bourbon socks are among my favorite picks.

MinxNY socks infused with bourbon and shea, a great boyfriend gift, set against a white background.
MinxNY lounge socks infused with bourbon and shea deliver self-care to your guy’s feet in a manly kind of way. See details at minxny.com.

These socks are thick and luxurious, and also masculine. They’ll soothe and moisturize his rough and gritty feet, but on his terms. He’ll definitely appreciate the rubber nubs at the bottom that keep him from slipping — because it’s not manly to fall down *eye roll*.

The bourbon-infused lounge socks are available at Minxny.com for $29.99.

2. Cocktail smoker kit

A torch he can use to mix his favorite cocktail? Yeah, that’s about the best gift you can find for a guy who likes his whiskey.

The kit includes a torch, cleaning brushes, filters, and six flavors of wood chips. Note that the torch runs on butane, which you need to buy separately. Amazon has it for $6. You might also need to supply extra whiskey, since he’ll probably start obsessing over how to concoct the perfect old-fashioned.

Boyfriend gifts for BBQ enthusiasts

1. Stay dry pellet bin

If your man has a pellet grill, he needs to keep his pellets dry. Damp pellets don’t burn as hot as dry ones. As a result, the smoker will have trouble reaching and holding the desired temperature. That sets the stage for a very grumpy guy.

Traeger’s bin keeps 22 pounds of pellets dry with a locking, airtight lid. If he stores more than 22 pounds of pellets, he can always invest in more bins and stack them. You know, in case the world ends and he must smoke meat daily to survive.

2. Chimney starter

A chimney starter is the fastest way to light charcoal. In the process, it generates a lot of flame and heat. BBQing guys dig that.

To use, put charcoal in the starter and shove pieces of newspaper in the holes at the bottom. Light up the paper and wait 10 minutes. The coals will be flaming hot. He can then dump them into the grill — maybe with a loud caveman growl — and start cooking.

Boyfriend gifts for fashionistos

1. Easy loafers

Guys who love shoes are like girls who love shoes — they can’t have too many pairs or styles. There’s always room in his rotation for a casual loafer. It fits somewhere between his “nice” sneakers and dress shoes.

ASITVO’s loafer is easy to wear and stylish. He can slip it on with shorts or pants. Even better, he can throw them in the washing machine as needed. They’re great for travel, too, because they’re so lightweight.

Know that the $39 sale price won’t be around forever. They’re marked down from $70.

2. Rugged messenger bag

Some may not admit it, but guys like their bags, too. If your man has multiple backpacks for different occasions, that’s a sign he needs something new. A messenger bag fits the bill.

This bag by Manificent holds his laptop, his lunch, and a lot more. It’s made of durable, waterproof, and shock-resistant canvas. So he doesn’t have to baby this baby. Actually, a few worn spots and rough patches would only add its appeal.

Those are my picks for boyfriend gifts, tailored to your guy’s strongest personality trait. Is there one here he’ll love?