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14 Style Resolutions Fashion Insiders Are Making in 2022

14 Style Resolutions Fashion Insiders Are Making in 2022

Resolution season’s energy can burn bright and fast, even when personal style goals rank first on our new year priorities list. Dressing with intention—however you define it—feels doable on New Year’s Day. But by July, we forget what we promised ourselves in January. The anxieties and limitations from an ongoing pandemic don’t exactly help: Last year, this writer vowed to experiment with more indie labels and new-to-me silhouettes in 2021 … then spent the days cocooned in knitwear set after knitwear set at home instead.

The good thing about style resolutions? We can always try again. 2022 has only just started, and there is more than enough time for anyone seeking fashion motivation to get re-inspired (myself included). For a much-needed fashion refresh, BAZAAR.com is turning to a panel of creatives, designers, and stylists for the style resolutions they’re sticking to this year. Whether they’re putting secondhand pieces first or playing with bold colors and bright patterns, their goals share one thread: a desire to get reacquainted with real clothes and really get dressed for 365 days straight. Ahead, find 14 style commitments that are worth making, and keeping, for the new year.

Shibon Kennedy, stylist

“I really got back to the idea of exploring fashion frivolity in more earth-friendly forms. I have a pretty expansive closet as it stands, so that means a lot of restyling things I already own. Also, if I am buying clothes for myself—which actually happens quite rarely, but still!—then making sure those pieces are primarily vintage. My favorite vintage spots, hands down, are James Veloria (the best buys, the best vibes, plus Brandon and Collin forever!!!) and Lara Koleji. I just got a vintage Versace men’s DB navy pinstriped blazer there that is BEYOND.

“My other resolution is to always remember that the only rule of fashion is there are no rules. I am making sure to have some fun and bring a little levity to these crazy times by way of expressive dressing.” @shibonleigh

Nikki Ogunnaike, digital director at BAZAAR.com

“After two years, I’m ready to really get dressed again! And by that, I mean looks that will make my friends ask upon seeing me, ‘Oh, okay, where do you think you’re going?!’ or say, ‘Okay, I see you!!’ Looks that elicit a response so grand people will feel like Nikki is BACK!” @nikkiogun

Très Vivier Strass Patent Leather Ankle Boots

Knotted and Ruched Jersey Midi Dress

Brynn Wallner, founder of Dimepiece

“My style resolution is to be on Rachel Seville Tashjian’s ‘Opulent Tips’ best-dressed list for 2022. I know this won’t happen—but it’s aspirational, urging me to take fashion more seriously. As Dimepiece evolves and becomes more successful, I know I need to dress the part … because, currently, I’m scrambling for a worthy outfit anytime I’m invited to a fancy dinner or featured in a photo shoot. Ultimately, I just want to feel more comfortable in my looks, secure with the thought that they aptly represent my inner fire.” @brynntrill

Salem Mitchell, model

“My style resolution is to dress sleeker, a bit more elevated, and sexy. I came into the fashion industry around 18 years old. I’ve spent these past few years learning more about who I am, what I like, and tending to my fluctuating self-confidence. I’m going to be 24 this year, and this is probably the most grown-up I’ve ever felt, as well as the most confident I’ve ever been. I really want my style to reflect that. To higher heels helping me stand tall in 2022.” — @salemmitchell

Opyum Patent Leather Pumps

Kate Bellman, managing fashion editor at Nordstrom

“My style resolution for 2022 is to play in my closet and start getting dressed again. Even though most of my work is still virtual and onscreen, I’m making an effort to get dressed head to toe and put full looks together. My friend and I have come up with weekly style theme challenges to get us reinvigorated and re-inspired with our wardrobe once again. In honesty, I just really missed my skirts and shoes, so after two years, it’s time to take them for a spin!” — @kategbell

Sirella Mesh Fringe Skirt

Jackie Skye Muller, cofounder of Recreational Habits

“After a year of living on the farm with my family, my style has completely shifted to accommodate more functionality. This year, I’m aiming to bring more elegant (but still appropriate) pieces into my weekly wears. This includes my latest obsession: fabulous pajamas!” @recreationalhabits

Party Pajamas Set with Feathers

Shelby Ying Hyde, contributing fashion market editor at BAZAAR.com

“It may sound cliché, but this year, I’ve decided to be less impulsive and shop with my personal archives in mind. It’s so easy to get bogged down by the different trends on the market, so 2022 for me is all about filtering out the noise and going with my gut instincts. Whether it’s discovering new brands to invest in or buying those forever pieces from heritage designers that I’ve always wanted, the keyword is intention. Essentially, I will be asking myself, ‘What’s the purpose?’ or ‘What value does this add to my closet?’ before every purchase for the next 365 days. I’ll be making the investment upfront in Wardrobe.NYC’s new eight-piece system with Carhartt to get me through the next few months. (But you can shop the styles individually as well.)” @theshelbyying

Shelby Ivey Christie, fashion and costume historian

“Last year, I was curious about color and pattern. I was looking to get out of my neutral palette comfort zone. This year, I’m ‘back to black’—I learned that too much color just wasn’t reflective of my authentic self. It was great to dabble in some playful patterns and color, but it only reaffirmed that I am indeed a neutral palette girl with the pop of occasional color. It is my New Year’s style resolution to continue to stay true to my personal style by wearing things that represent me in the most accurate way, not something the algorithm pressured me to purchase. I’m really into structured pieces with a quirky twist—Ottolinger, Peter Do, Hanifa, and Y/Project are my current go-to favorites.” @bronze_bombshel

Kerry Pieri, fashion director at BAZAAR.com

“I’m still not getting dressed as often as I had a couple of years ago, so I need far less than I ever have. Instead of getting increasingly bummed about it, I’m taking it as an opportunity to invest in a few things that I truly love and that I think I’ll want in my closet for years to come. I used to harbor fanciful ideas that as I grew older I’d become a Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garçons acolyte in strictly very cool avant-garde Japanese fashion. The truth, it turns out, is that I’m more and more drawn to classic tailored styles. This Saint Lauren vest is something I’ll want to wear for years to come.” @kerrypieri

Vivid Wu, stylist and creative consultant

“My style resolution for 2022 is to revitalize my existing wardrobe so I can make better use of it and find new ways to style different pieces. That includes tailoring clothes so they fit better and donating the pieces I really won’t feel like wearing again to local charities or secondhand stores for a new life. I also want to continue taking more fashion risks and using my style as a way to express myself and let my personality shine.” @vivid

Emily Oberg, founder of Sporty & Rich

“My style resolution is to buy less, but better. To only invest in pieces that I know I will wear five to 10 years from now.” —@emilyoberg

Makeda Saggau-Sackey, founder of Glamazon Diaries

“​​Aside from my 10-day French wedding wardrobe, my style in 2021 was very minimalistic. My sartorial picks were also devoid of the colors and prints I normally include in my daily dressing. I’ve vowed to be a maximalist this year with bold colors, lots of prints, and lots and lots of voluminous pieces including wide-leg pants and midi skirts.” @glamazondiaries

TyLynn Nguyen, designer and model

“My style resolution is to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and my interiors. I was recently exploring Gabriela Hearst’s website, and I came across this incredible red dress, and now I must own it! It is the perfect red color, and I appreciate her sustainable approach she has with her business. ” —@tylynnnguyen

Lauren Santo Domingo, cofounder and chief brand officer of Moda Operandi

“I love a new year, because the resort collections are landing in the shops. These collections, otherwise known as the holiday or cruise, are in shops longest so I get the most out of them. They have the best assortment of summer looks, and anything I buy in January or February I can wear on a beach weekend or spring break trip, but best of all, it’s already in my closet the second the weather gets warmer. The items I wear most are usually the pieces I bought in January.” @thelsd

Cotton Crocheted Midi Dress

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