Tesla owners tend to be pretty passionate about their choice of electric vehicle and the battery-powered lifestyle. You’re probably never going to go wrong getting them something EV-related or an accessory for their beloved vehicle.

Here are some accessories that range from excessive (chances are, no one’s buying a $50,000 gift, but it’s there, anyway) to fun and affordable, all of which will make your Tesla lover appreciate their lifestyle choice even more. Some do require a Tesla, so make sure your recipient has one in the garage before purchasing those.

For Tesla stans who don’t have a car yet, most of these gifts can make them feel part of the “sexy cars” club.

1. Roofnest tent — $3,195

This isn’t your average camping attachment. Roofnest’s Sparrow, Falcon, and Condor car tents turn most cars into a comfortable outdoor sleeping platform. The Model Y is popular for its bigger size, which pairs well with the foldable car-camping accessory. The Sparrow version even has space for a solar panel on the top shell to keep cellphones and flashlights charged (not the Tesla, unfortunately) while at camp.

2. CyberLandr — up to $49,995

Although just a prototype, eager Cybertruck buyers will appreciate you looking out for their future vehicle with the CyberLandr which, let’s face it, unless you’re Elon Musk, you’re probably not going to give as a gift. The Cybertruck’s arrival has been delayed, but that gives more time for this truck bed extension that’s a multi-purpose space powered by the truck’s battery and will stand 11 feet tall to become a reality. There’s no firm date for the truck attachment’s arrival, but the makers anticipate it’ll be ready by the time the Cybertruck starts delivery.

The attachment slots into the Cybertruck bed and can be used for camping or to provide more space on the road or while parked. It uses solar energy to transform the boxy space into an office bedroom, bathroom with a toilet and shoes, living room, or even kitchen.

3. CCS charging adapter — $563.99

Charge even more places with this adapter. Tesla owners in the U.S. can’t use Combined Charging System (CCS)-type charging stations that have a special type of plug configuration. But now there’s a plug for Teslas to move beyond the confines of the Supercharger network.

4. “Zero Emissions” face mask — $6.95

There’s nothing a Tesla owner isn’t more proud of than their emissions-free ride. During the pandemic, they might as well display that pride with a pun-filled face mask. If only the cloth masks were N95s to be closer to zero emissions…

5. Cyber Trash Mini Trash Bin — $17.95

This Cybertruck-inspired car trash can fits into any Tesla cupholder. It’s a good addition for any back seat, even if Teslas are already “clean” and emission-free vehicles.

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6. Car and Driver dash cam — $159.99

Just because Teslas are tech-filled cars doesn’t mean drivers don’t miss out on some features. Things like blind spot detection don’t come in a Tesla, and this dash cam can fill in the gaps.

This can also work as a gift for someone who wishes they had a Tesla but instead has a beat-up early 2000s car without any of the latest features, like Sentry mode.

7. Anything from the Tesla store — $10-$175

Even if a Tesla stan doesn’t have a Model Y yet, they can still sport some Tesla swag. Tesla’s official online store has everything from toy cars, decanters, tumblers, water bottles, umbrellas, and a desktop “supercharger” to clothing with the Tesla logo on full display. Kids’ hats and shirts are available, along with a onesie to get them started young.