All the Different Styles You Should Have in Your Underwear Draw

For many of us, bras are one of the most important items of clothing that we wear each day. From experience, there are very few of us that would leave the house without one on! We need them for support, comfort and to flatter our figures. Many of us feel too “loose” without our trusty bras on, or exposed. Now that we have so many different options of bras at our disposal, for a variety of different occasions, it can be overwhelming with the choices. Whether you’re off out for a run or you’re heading out for the night, I’ve put together a list of bras you need to have at the ready. The perfect selection for your underwear drawer!

Wireless Day to Day Bras

Wireless bras are some of the most comfortable around, as you don’t have to suffer from anything digging into you. It’s almost like a second skin, keeping everything steady! Without the rigid part of the bra, wireless options are often referred to as “soft cups”. These are better for when you’re having a low-activity day, and may be better suited to more petite chests, depending on the bra, but I personally wear a 34D and there’s quite a few that you can get with a decent amount of support. I live in wireless bras almost daily! Plus, when you’re lounging, these are a super comfortable option underneath a t-shirt. They’re definitely the easiest bras around!

Strapless Bras

Off painting the town red? You’re definitely going to need a bra to match your killer outfit. If you want to wear a strapless dress or top, but still need the support from a bra, don’t try to compromise by tucking your bra straps in or by simply leaving them on show. Get a bra that is specially designed for this purpose, and it can last you for life. Most strapless bras also come with removable straps, so you can add these back on and wear them day to day too. Win-win. Just make sure you choose the right one that doesn’t slip down. I’ve tried a few before that didn’t stay put, so strapless bras are definitely worth the investment – buy a decent one.

Stick On Bras

If you want to go the extra mile, and be even more minimal than strapless, then stick on bras are available. These are great for when you’re wearing a backless number. They work by having sticky adhesive properties that you simply place on your chest. These will mean that you don’t have to worry about being overly exposed in your outfit. It has to be said though, these aren’t the best for regular usage as the support is not there. But once in a while, on special occasions where you want to go all out, these are something for you to consider. The stickiness wears off over time, but you should be able to get at least 30 wears or so out of this type of bra. They’re definitely an occasion bra, but are needed for the right outfit.

Sports Bra

This option is probably one we are all familiar with, especially if you are a gym lover! It is essential that you have a stretchy, durable sports bra to support you when you exercise. Breasts are made of fragile tissue, so if you’re doing something strenuous without the proper kit, then you can experience pain and discomfort as a result. This can also alter the appearance of your breasts over time. Always wear a high-quality sports bra. You definitely don’t want to be doing high impact sports without the support. Trust me! I’ve felt the discomfort of that before and had to stop. Take care of your breasts!


These could come under the wireless bra category, but I thought I would give bralettes their own section because they have become a statement on their own. Not only can you get super cute, lace bralettes that are designed to be worn as tops these days, but you can get the comfy, under t-shirt versions that work well for bedtime and lazy days. Again, these tend to work better for smaller chests as there is minimal to no support in a bralette, but the versions you can wear as tops are super cute! I probably own about 10 different bralettes in my underwear drawer – to wear as outerwear and underwear.

Push Up Bra

Not a bra you necessarily 100{c30f02d1a3839018c3a3c8c7102050a0b32e2e4f8eba54dea6cc544f0247e749} need, but one of my personal favourites – the push up bra. I have quite a lot of these and I love how they accentuate certain outfits, can change the shape of your figure, and give you a boost of confidence – if you’re self conscious about your chest. They work miracles in the cleavage department! Coming in so many different styles and designs, you can get mild push up to extreme push up, which can add up to two cup sizes! I love these bras!