I utterly know how difficult making actual flower resin jewellery after having dabbled with the methodology myself. So once I noticed Kentucky primarily based Yuki Nalan of NALANStudio‘s paintings, I went wow!

You’ll see why her enthusiasts love her paintings on this area of interest marketplace.  Her actual fruit and flower – on occasion each mixed in one design – nonetheless keeps a lot of the colourful colour and form of the unique natural subject material. She makes use of the freeze drying methodology slightly than silica gel. 

Yuki additionally works with out frames or molds. Once in a while she makes use of the entire flower. I used to be inspired together with her dainty actual orchid, rose bud and bellflower earrings. Those are very fragile after drying and coating with resin isn’t simple.  Simply beautiful paintings!

Bell flower resin earrings

Blood Orange earrings

Actual Cherry Tomato Earrings

Actual dragonfruit earrings

Actual Lemon and Flower Earrings

Actual orchid earrings

Actual pansy flower earrings
Actual strawberry earrings

Actual pansy flower earrings

Actual rose earrings

Actual starfruit earrings

Actual cucumber earrings

Freeze Drying vs Dehydrating 

Actual natural subject material like plants and sliced fruit must be completely dried sooner than being embedded into resin. Any moisture left will end result within the subject material rotting within the resin. 

The commonest and equipment-free way of actual flower resin jewellery making is with silica or via the standard urgent and drying (quicker with a microwave). The drying isn’t speedy so there’s the loss of a few colour and form distortion. 

The opposite two strategies require kit which can also be very pricey particularly for freeze dryers.  Dehydrators which can be used for drying meals use low warmth and would possibly have an effect on form and colour. 

Freeze drying may be very rapid as the fabric is instantly frozen and positioned in vacuum – the shape and style of freeze dried meals, which is regularly rehydrated, stays the similar as the unique. This technique of preservation is repeatedly used for army rations, astronauts and hikers!

Freeze drying additionally makes the fabric very brittle so this is why resin is used to coat and give protection to freeze dried plants, vegetables and fruit if they’re for use in jewellery.

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