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Here’s the thing: Finding a good gift requires something actually worth sharing. Objects should feel unique and useful. Luxurious doesn’t have to be unaffordable. This gift guide is a curated mix of finds — L.A. staples and luxury brands buzzing online and through word of mouth. These pieces are stylish and comfortable. Most of all they are meant to be shared with loved ones.

Calirosa Tequila.

This is for the tequila snob or home bartender in your life — a unique tequila aged for 18 months in California red-wine barrels. So smooth, you’ll barely believe it.
👉 Purchase here

Lomochrome reloadable film camera.

Bring a reusable film camera to every holiday soiree, and bring an extra as a gift to leave with your host. 👉 Purchase here

3. Harwell Godfrey Jewelry, Cleopatra’s Eye pendant necklace, $6,550

Harwell Godfrey cleo pendant necklace, marquis blue.

Harwell Godfrey cleo pendant necklace, marquis blue.

(Harwell Godfrey)

Lauren Harwell Godfrey’s jewelry is so captivating. You can feel the intentionality in each detail of the Cleopatra’s Eye pendant. 👉 Purchase here

I’m from Buffalo, N.Y., and a sucker for a sharp coat. This is a warm standout addition to any cold-weather closet. 👉 Purchase here

5. Puma High Court Collection, Coached by June Ambrose, Freedom rugby shirt, $95, pants $85

Puma Freedom Rugby shirt

Puma Freedom Rugby shorts

A fly, effortless rugby set with just enough detail. 👉 Purchase here

Photographer of shoot in same location listed as Chris Fox-Kelly / @cfkmedia (

I’m a travel girl, so I know a good vacation top when I see one. The mesh material and pop of color create a perfect on-the-go look any traveler will appreciate.👉 Purchase here

7. The Body Dress by Buzzoms, $104

Buzzoms, the body dress.

A perfect black dress with subtle, sexy details — but the best part is the proprietary boob pocket made for full-chested women who want to go braless.👉 Purchase here

8. The ‘Process’ 57/40 New Balance by Joshua Vides, $150

New Balance, Josh Vidas.

Southern California artist Joshua Vides’ collaboration with New Balance is a clean add to the sneaker collection.
👉 Purchase here

9. Small top handle bag by Gucci, $3,200

Gucci purse.

The luxury girl in your life who still lives for a pop of color will love this Gucci moment. 👉 Purchase here

Emma Flynn tortoise glasses.

Add a pair of classic shades to their collection.👉 Purchase here

The perfect stocking stuffer. This lip balm glides on sweetly and contains niacinamide to help fade dark spots. Genius! 👉 Purchase here

12. NuFACE Mini Magical Results, $209

NuFace mini.

Adding a NuFACE to any skincare routine is a serious upgrade. 👉 Purchase here

Klur body oil.

The scent of Klur’s body oil makes its use feel like a ritual every time. A special addition to any part of a body care routine.
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14. Ceylon Skincare, $35


Ceylon’s products are an instant classic among melanated men looking to explore skincare and upgrade their routine.
👉 Purchase here

15. TEN’s Iconic & Bougie Press-ons, $30

Gracie J press-ons.

Press-on nails and a maintenance kit from artist Gracie J’s line for the nail freak or novice. 👉 Purchase here

A support pillow with many uses for rest, relaxation and meditation.👉 Purchase here

Vela Negra candles.

I smell a lot of candles. Vela Negra’s candles are an experience to be had.👉 Purchase here

Sean Brown incense.

A collection of woodsy, floral, herbal and exotic incense curated by the multihyphenate artist Sean Brown.
👉 Purchase here

Masion Balzac (Designer)

No more bedside water bottle. 👉 Purchase here

20. Neo Tarot card deck by Jerico Mandybur, $21.66

Jerico tarot.

A tarot deck with an extensive guide and self-care-rooted action steps with each card. A perfect gift for the astro-curious.
👉 Purchase here

21. Pure Beauty beach towel, $80

Pure Beauty towel.

Yeah, they sell cannabis. Pure Beauty also has an amazing collection of goods, including this thick beach towel, guaranteed to turn any beach trip into a moment. 👉 Purchase here

22. Core by Hyperice, $199



Core is a meditation companion, a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to explore meditation. 👉 Purchase here

Darian Symoné Harvin is a beauty and culture writer. She was born in Long Beach, Calif., grew up in Buffalo, N.Y., and lives in Los Angeles