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Milky and silky skin, long black shiny hair, petite figures, and a great fashion sense are just a few ways to describe Asian girls. This group of women from the largest continent on earth are gorgeous and like to show their elegance in how they dress. Even if most of them do not have voluptuous bodies like Latin brides, they still know how to accentuate their tiny curves.

One common thing about Asian Brides is that they are typically well educated. Additionally, they tend to be independent. So, who wouldn’t like to have them in their space as a bride?

In this guide, we will be discussing everything about Asian brides and where to find them. You will want to marry an Asian bride before getting to the end of the article. So, come with us to know how to find an Asian woman to marry.

What should you know about Asian brides?

Asian brides are strong-willed. When they are young, they learn how to become independent adults. From their families and schools, they learn to survive without help. So when you are dating an Asian girl for marriage, don’t expect her to rely entirely on you for everything.

Additionally, these ladies expect you to make the first move every time. So you are supposed to message or call them and arrange dates first. However, when they get comfortable with you, they will shower you with care and attention.

But note that traditional Asian girls are also pretty conservative, and you may wait until marriage to get them in your bed. These Asian girls are family-oriented, and they won’t go off with you without first consulting and getting permission from their families. So if you are looking for quick fun, opt for the Asian ladies living in Western countries. 

Best Asian Mail Order Bride Sites to find Asian Brides Online

There are plenty of mail-order bride sites that you can use to find Asian ladies for marriage. But some of them are made to extort you. Therefore, we have compiled a list of three top Asian dating sites on the internet. They are:

  1. AsiaMe – a dating platform to meet single Asian women
  2. Asian Beauty Online – a mail order bride site to meet Asian women for marriage
  3. Date Asian Women – a dating site to meet Asian women in your area


AsiaMe is an online dating platform for meeting Asian brides. The site belongs to the Qpid network, which makes it a universal place. This platform provides innovative ways of communication and a top-notch security system, so you can rest assured of data protection while dating freely. 

Customer service is high-quality, responsive and helpful. They ensure that they can resolve whatever issue you are facing when using the platform. The website and the mobile app are also user-friendly. Finally, members’ profiles are very detailed, so you can find what you want without testing the waters.

Asian Beauty Online

Asian Beauty Online is a dating platform that belongs to the Qpid network. The platform is highly secure, so users are safe from scams. You can also send messages to potential brides without any membership. It takes five minutes to register on the site and verify your account. You can also use live chat support in case you have any questions.

Date Asian Women

Date Asian Women is a dating platform that went public in 2015. It has gained a lot of popularity across the world with over a million registered members. You can meet many Asian women for marriage on the platform, which means that the chances of meeting your bride are high. The site is user-friendly and also mobile-friendly. Plus, it offers different payment options like Credit Card, PayPal, and more. 

To register as a member on the site with a friendly user experience, you will need $3.99. Additionally, the customer support team is friendly and responds in time. The women on the site are also pretty and are within the age range of 25-34. 

What makes Asian brides for marriage so special?

Asian women are beautiful and dynamic. Apart from these general details, other aspects also make them desirable among men. In this section, we will discuss what makes Asian women unique and why you should date one.


It is hard to define the best Asian woman to marry based on beauty because you will hardly come across any that won’t sweep you off your feet with her beauty. Asian beauty influencers promote fair and pale skin, lean figures, bulgy eyes with double eyelids, and smooth round-shaped faces. So their followers protect their skin and try to look their best at all times, resorting to rice water therapies, diets, and even plastic surgeries.

Family values

If you need an excellent homemaker who puts family first, Asian women are for you since the divorce rate in the continent is the lowest globally. Asians believe in making their marriages work no matter the odds. We can trace this desire to have long-lasting marriages to their background, religion, and Confucius teachings: “Divorce brings family shame,” which is their core belief. So they uphold family values, love, respect, and support when they get married.

Moral values

Asian girls for marriage are known for their predominantly quiet, humble, and calm character. They tend to remain mute in certain social situations. However, they are not dull when they are in conversations with a person they are comfortable with. Asian girls know how to have fun, but they don’t go beyond the limits of decency and behave appropriately in every given situation. 

When you find an Asian bride, you will not feel ashamed because she knows how not to do embarrassing things. They carry themselves with pride, and their family motto is “Don’t bring the argument out of the cottage.” So with an Asian bride, you can rest assured that you won’t be having any messy arguments in public.

How much does an Asian mail order bride cost?

The cost of Asian mail order brides varies depending on the platform you register in. However, we will provide you with a ball-park price to expect when dating an Asian mail-order bride. 

Dating platforms

Every dating site has a different cost. Some even provide free services, but you can’t trust them as there’s no guarantee that your data will be safe since most of them are of dubious quality. Many Asian dating sites cost $100-$200 per month. But some of these sites offer premium membership which costs $300-$500 monthly or more.

Courting expenses

This aspect covers your spendings during the relationship, like flowers and presents. Though these expenses are not compulsory, if you want to win your Asian bride over and prove to her that you care, you shouldn’t skip them. Send her gifts as often as you can to let her know that you have her in mind or offer financial help when she needs it. So if you are looking to start courting her, get ready to budget $50-$300 monthly.

Visiting expenses

When you are in a long-distance relationship with your Asian bride, it will get to the point when you’d want to see her physically. So you have to make a budget for purchasing flight tickets, accommodation, gifts, and paying for other date activities. You should be looking to spend a few thousand dollars at minimum.

Therefore, when dating an Asian mail order bride, you may spend about $500-$1400 per month. In six months, that’s about $3000-$8000, which may be pricey for some men. But a quick tip is to book everything in advance to get the services at cheaper rates.

Tips for Dating Asian Brides

Dating an Asian bride online is different from dating Western women because Asian ladies are more conservative and less outspoken than other women. So if you are looking for a healthy relationship with Asian ladies, here are some tips to help you:

  1. Let go of stereotypes

There are so many myths about Asian women. For example, people believe that Asian ladies are submissive, obedient, and subservient. People also think that all they do is homemaking. But this is just a part of the stereotypes Asian women face. Before you approach any Asian lady, get rid of the stereotypes in your head; it will help you have a more fulfilling relationship. Look at your Asian bride as a human being that has her own opinions and desires. 

  1. Don’t fetishize her

There is such a thing as Asian fetish phenomenon. It offends Asian brides to look down on them like that. They want you to choose them for their personality and not their appearance.

  1. Be romantic

Asian women like it when you sweep them off their feet with kind words, dinner dates, and gifts. They expect you to be a gentleman. Give them gifts, call regularly, and be nice to them.


Asian girls are beautiful and strong-willed, and settling down with one will be an all-around excellent decision. These ladies are intelligent and will contribute to aspects of your life that require critical thinking. Additionally, they tend to be good mothers, which makes them the complete package. You can find them on Asian mail order bride sites like the ones we listed in this article.


Are Asian mail order wives real?

Yes, Asian mail-order wives are real women looking for love and affection. They sign up on mail order sites for various personal reasons, but mostly to seek romantic partners. But don’t be confused about the ‘wives’ in their names; most mail order brides are single ladies.

Is it legal to use Asian mail order bride services?

Yes. The women on these platforms join the dating sites willingly and are not treated like objects. The mail order bride industry is legal in most places, so you won’t get into any trouble for using the websites.

Is it possible to buy an Asian bride?

While you cannot buy an Asian woman literally, you can buy her attention while making a payment for using a dating site. That’s what is typically referred to as ‘buying a wife’.

What are Asian mail order bride prices?

The price depends on the platform you use. Many Asian mail order bride websites run a subscription payment model, where you have to pay monthly to access the ladies on the platform. When you combine this monthly payment with the money you spend buying ladies gifts and visiting them, the final cost will vary from person to person.

Asian Brides – What makes them so popular and special?