Home beauty Beabadoobee Shares Her Signature Makeup Look, From Faux Freckles to Lived-In Eyeliner

Beabadoobee Shares Her Signature Makeup Look, From Faux Freckles to Lived-In Eyeliner

Beabadoobee Shares Her Signature Makeup Look, From Faux Freckles to Lived-In Eyeliner

“What I find really important, especially when going on tour, is trying to find time to myself because you are constantly around so many people 24/7,” Beabadoobee says. It’s a good reminder for anyone, but particularly the singer-songwriter, who has already embarked on a busy year: she just made her Coachella debut and released her pop-rock single “Talk.” Her sophomore album, Beatopia, is set to release this July.

“My skin used to be way worse, but I’ve just come to the conclusion that if you just let your skin breathe and if you’ve got like a few spots, you’ve just got to let them out,” she says of her take on beauty. Her skin is sensitive, though she’s found relief in two products. There’s Sunday Riley’s Good Genes treatment, which she considers her holy grail to combat pore buildup on tour; then, it’s the Homeoplasmine ointment for mattifying moisture across her lips. After a layer of Augustinus Bader’s coveted moisturizer, she massages using a cryo face roller pulled straight from the freezer. 

It’s clear that she thrives with a less-is-more approach—even opting for a luminosity-boosting face oil sans foundation. Born in the Philippines, the 21-year-old recalls being told not to tan while growing up—a reflection of an Asian beauty standard that prioritizes paler skin. Now, she’s become more comfortable with her natural look. “Obviously I’m still on the road to just really loving myself wholeheartedly but I feel like I’m getting there slowly and surely,” she says. “Music is definitely helping.” 

Her makeup choices also exude a lived-in effortlessness, whether it’s opting for eyelash extensions in place of mascara or the red Byredo lipstick she also wears as blush. “I don’t really take off my eyeliner because I actually really like the way it marinates on your eye. Slept-in makeup is kind of a vibe,” she says, though she does apply another coat of a MAC pencil smudged with a brush. To enhance her natural freckles, she a few dots around her eyes and nose with a brow pencil. This signature look has inspired a crowd of imitators, which Beabadoobee appreciates. “There are a lot of videos on TikTok with people recreating my look and it’s very flattering. It’s often just like ten times better and they all look ten times better than me,” she laughs.  Finally, a touch of highlighter, spritz of a Jo Malone London parfum, and Bed Head’s After Party Smoothing Cream to her hair provide the finishing touch.