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Just like fashion, beauty trends do swing with the reemergence of love for a particular product or a new makeup palette that you sport every celebrity of tinsel town wearing. According to our lifestyle swift, beauty products do come and go addressing the needs of that time period. While certain things like kajal, red lipstick are timeless classics, purple lip shade, exaggerated falsies as beauty fads that trend for a short time period. Ever since the pandemic, the world saw a rise in celebrity-owned beauty brands and also a lean towards skincare products over makeup items. Here we have curated such no effort beauty products that are in trend.


Here are 7 beauty products that are trending in 2022:


1. Blue light SPF


In the past two years, we have started spending more time in front of the screens than under the sun. Just like the harmful sun radiation, blue light from digital screens can also deteriorate your skin’s health. By applying a blue light sunscreen, which is currently trending, you can save your skin from skin ageing, hyperpigmentation, collagen breakdown, redness and inflammation caused by the blue light.

Price: Rs 369

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2. Scalp Scrub


You must have heard about face scrub similarly scalp scrub is the new cool! It helps get rid of dead skin cells, remove product build-up and tackle any excess oil that can be trapped in your scalp. The scrub gently exfoliates the scalp and removes dry skin cells. This one-of-a-kind scalp scrub is loaded with scalp-friendly ingredients like tea tree oil, shikakai powder, brahmi powder, etc.


Price: Rs 382

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3. Dew Glow


A dewy glow on the face is something that’s been a makeup trend for a while now. Though this can be changed in several ways, picking the right moisturiser which sets as a foundation will work wonders for your look. Blended with pure saffron, almond and pistachio oils, as well as turmeric and wild turmeric extracts, this moisturiser promises you a natural dewy glow.


Price: Rs 480

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4. Nano Mist Sprayer for Moisturising


Face mists are an easy way to refresh your face on the go.  Enjoy the refreshing mist any time at the office, on flights or anywhere with this handy tool that can be used to sanitise your hand, moisturise your face and also help you set your make-up like cure eyelash extensions.


Price: Rs 379

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5. Glitter Eyeliner


While minimal makeup looks have been trending lately, adding a soft dash of glam to that is glitter eyeliner especially in colours not black. This matte finish blue eyeliner is something you need to add to cart right away if you want to stay glamorous and slay the trend.


Price: Rs 510

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6. Blush Stick


Who doesn’t love blush! Hints of blush on the cheeks are always a killer look to sport. Blush sticks make the application easier and effortless by blending skillfully with other beauty products and it also lasts longer.


Price: Rs 767

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7. Bronzer


Call it a golden glow or sun-kissed sheen, bronzers are all the rage in the makeup trends this season. Body bronzers, to highlight collarbones, chin and cheekbones, bronzers are being used all over the body to highlight your most-loved features and transform yourself into a bronzed goddess.


Price: Rs 585

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