Home accesories Best Pokémon Gift Ideas – Games, Toys, Clothing, Accessories And More

Best Pokémon Gift Ideas – Games, Toys, Clothing, Accessories And More

Best Pokémon Gift Ideas – Games, Toys, Clothing, Accessories And More

Fun fact: Pokémon is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. Bigger than Star Wars, Marvel, and even Super Mario himself, the Pokémon franchise is far and away the most successful series the world has ever seen and for good reason – have you seen how cute the little critters are?

It probably makes sense, then, that you or someone in your life is a big Pokémon fan, and there’s no better time to celebrate your love for the series with Pokémon Day just around the corner.

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a special Pokémon-themed birthday, a Christmas treat, or even just a spontaneous gift, we’ve gathered up plenty of options for you that are sure to make their day extra lovely. And if you’d rather just buy something for yourself? Hey, we won’t judge.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Latest Pokémon Games

What better place to start than with the latest and greatest Pokémon games available on Nintendo Switch? The console’s been around for a few years now, meaning that we’ve been treated to plenty of different options (read more: Best Pokémon Games Of All Time).

If you’re wanting to learn more about each game before making your choice, hit the Best Pokémon Games Of All Time link above to find full reviews of each and every title!

Best Pokémon Nintendo Switch Accessories

There are plenty of great Pokémon-themed accessories for the Nintendo Switch, and even some console bundles for those in need of a new system. Below, you’ll find a range of cases, controllers and more that’ll help the recipient personalise their game time.

Nintendo Switch Accessories – US

Let’s kick things off with the US, where you can grab all sorts of funky controllers and accessories.

Nintendo Switch Accessories – UK

Thanks to the My Nintendo Store, there are lots of Switch console bundle options to choose from in the UK, as well as your usual assortment of accessories.

Pokémon Toys

In the toy department, Pokémon isn’t limited to just video games. Below, you’ll find a selection of board games and other toys that have caught our eye recently. Keep scrolling for plush toys and Pokémon Trading Card Game accessories, too!

Pokémon Toys – US

Pokémon Toys – UK

Pokémon Plush

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than cuddling up to a squishy, super soft Poké pal to relax and unwind. We’ve got a whole bunch of that super soft variety for you to check out below, but feel free to also check out our dedicated buying guide for Pokémon Funko Pops if that’s more your thing.

Pokémon Plushies – US

Pokémon Plushies – UK

Best Pokémon Trading Card Game Gifts

The Pokémon Trading Card game is bigger than it’s ever been – yes, it’s even more popular than the good old days of Holo Charizards in the playground! Here are some great picks for anyone who’s trying to collect ’em all…

Pokémon Cards – US

Pokémon Card products are evolving – if you’ll excuse the pun – all the time, but GameStop is a pretty solid place to pick up anything you might need. Here are some options available at the time of writing:

Pokémon Cards – UK

Similar offerings can be found in the UK, too, with all sorts of booster packs, boxes and more to choose from:

Pokémon Clothing

You want Pokémon t-shirts? Pokémon hoodies? Even Pokémon socks? Well, we’ve got you covered…

Pokémon Clothing – US

Here are some of the options currently available in the US – we’re pretty fond of that hat and glove combo ourselves…

Pokémon Clothing – UK

One of the best places for Pokémon clothing in the UK is Zavvi – you can search through all of their options right here, or choose from some of our favourites listed below:

Pokémon Homeware

And finally, we come to the homeware section. Perfect for older Pokémon Trainers, we’ve gathered up a selection of gifts that’ll brighten up the home.

Pokémon Homeware – US

Pokémon Homeware – UK

Those premium Poké Balls are pricey, but lovely. We’d love a whole set for our shelf at home, but we also need to buy food and stuff. Urgh.

So there we have it – plenty of gift ideas for that special Pokémon fan in your life. Let us know what you ended up going with in the comments below, and feel free to suggest your own ideas, too!