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YS Salon and Collection is a leading bridal make up and fashion designer who is very popular in the city of Malang, Indonesia. The make up artist working with YS Salon and Collection is Marlize Y. Onyengar. Marlize is the make up artist for the Indonesian wedding, which is also known as a Jakarta Wedding. In this article we will take a closer look at this make up artist and her work.

Marlize Y. onyengar was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in Australia as an artistic child. She attended the School of Fashion and Design in Melbourne, Australia where she pursued a degree in Fashion Merchandising as well as studied Art History and Photography. Later in life she decided to concentrate on bridal makeup artistry and designing as well as creating innovative lines and colors that were meant to provide beauty and inspiration to all who wear them. In this regard it can be said that she has become a very big part of the bridal makeup artists scene in Indonesia and has been featured in many of her own solo makeup designs.

This is YS salon and collection is no exception. Marlize is well known for her daring attempts at colors as well as bold and beautiful shades that are not easily found in the typical bridal make up colors of white, pink and blue. She has been quoted as saying that one of her favorites is purple because of its unusual coloring as well as its exotic origins. This make up artist likes to play around with colors as well as with different textures as in the case of her latex lined bridal make ups. As she has said “I always want to try new things, especially on my skin” which is quite true in the case of her creative use of textures as well as colors in these latex lined bridal sets. Her favorites are coral and aqua and violet which when combined in her creams create a striking effect on the skin.

For bridal make up artists there are no rules and guidelines that they have to follow but what they do have to keep in mind is that the makeup has to be easy to apply as well as long lasting. Bridal make up needs to be durable as well as long lasting in order to meet all the demands of the wedding day. The type of makeup an artist prefers depends on what they are going to be doing on the wedding day. For example, if they are to be applying eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow then all the makeup artist needs to do is have a few basic products in their box from which they can choose the ones they like. As YS offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, the entire bridal makeup kit will also come with just about everything an artist needs.

YS also has a system that is set up for their members so that any issues that may arise during the wedding day can be resolved easily. In fact, all issues or questions can be sorted out by logging onto their website and then sending a message to YS through their online support system. The responses that they receive through their customer service department are always prompt and helpful. As YS has social media cookies baked into their system so that all members are aware of updates to their products, all members can have access to updates twenty four hours a day through the website. Therefore, members can be kept informed of any alterations or changes to their bridal make up products that might occur. All YS member’s have to do is click on the YS “I Accept” button to acknowledge that they accept the new terms and conditions of using the website and they are good to go.

YS is not the only brand that offers its member’s access to a social media system like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Many other well known makeup artists have taken the time to set up well functioning systems that allow their members to interact with their followers and fans. They too have used the social networking sites to promote and grow their businesses. They have made their Facebook page known to the world as well as have posted videos and pictures to their YouTube channels. This allows their followers to see their latest progress and learn about what they have been up to.

Bridal makeup is one area of the wedding preparations that is often forgotten. A bride will spend many hours in the run up to her wedding looking her best and it is not uncommon for her to spend many evenings washing her face and applying her special bridal makeup. However, one of the most important aspects of this preparation is having enough eyelashes to last all night. Eyelash extensions are now an affordable way of adding extra lash lengths to the ones you already have. This makes your beautiful eyes even more stunning and you will find that the look of your eyes will be enhanced even more than your wedding dress and the wedding make up.

No matter which type of wedding make up you decide to use, remember that you should try to stay calm and in control of yourself. If you feel that you are getting pulled away or having your control ruined, simply take a few deep breaths and relax. When it comes to these types of things there is little control to be had so relax and you will come through for your special day. You will then be able to concentrate on your skin tone and the colour of your eyes and how well you both match up.