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Christine Quinn’s ‘Campy, Barbie Doll’ Style, According to Kat Gosik – WWD

Christine Quinn’s ‘Campy, Barbie Doll’ Style, According to Kat Gosik – WWD

Though there’s an abundance of over-the-top, bold and colorful ensembles seen on Netflix’s hit reality TV show “Selling Sunset,” very few can match the energy of Christine Quinn.

From the get-go, Quinn — who has gained prominence from appearing in the show since its first season aired in 2019 — has turned her thriving career as a real estate agent into a real-life catwalk wherever she goes, commanding the attention of every room she walks into with her daring, head-to-toe designer outfits.

Whether it be walking on rocky construction grounds or nine months into her pregnancy, Quinn doesn’t hesitate to wear sky-high heels, particularly Christian Louboutins, regardless of the occasion, in her everyday life and in “Selling Sunset,” which is returning on Friday for its fifth season.

Though she has naturally always had a flair for fashion, it has only evolved to become bigger and bolder since she started working with stylist Kat Gosik, whom she first met at a photoshoot for a magazine in October 2020.

“She is so much fun, because she’s like a Barbie doll. Anything she wears looks good on her,” Gosik told WWD. “I love that her style is very diverse — we can go cool and edgy and also pink and fitted. Everything fits her.”

From then, Gosik has styled Quinn both on the show as well as for some of the biggest events of the year, such as New York Fashion Week, shoots for major publications and awards shows, among others.

The Los Angeles-based stylist has described Quinn’s style as “camp,” “versatile” and “eclectic,” noting that she loves bright hues and patterns but can also pull off simpler yet still bold colors. (Picture Malibu Barbie meets Real Housewife of Beverly Hills).

Even for trips to pick up coffee or to the grocery store, the real estate agent continuously brings her A-game when it comes to fashion.

“I think she likes to dress up. She doesn’t mind wearing heels and doesn’t mind wearing pieces that are uncomfortable,” Gosik said. “To get the look, she’ll do it. I’ve worked with other people that, if the outfit’s not comfortable, they don’t want to wear it. Christine is like, ‘I’ll do anything for the look.’”

Though both Gosik and Quinn enjoy working with the bigger fashion labels, both also love experimenting with more boutique and rising brands, such as the ones she comes across on social media.

“Most of the pieces that I find are through Instagram. I’m always saving designers and looks that I see,” Gosik said. “I honestly find a lot of designers on TikTok. There are a lot of accounts that show up-and-coming designers.”

Quinn has been seen in designs by Nana Jacqueline, Mua Mua, Ozlana, House of Sunny and Hope Macaulay, among others, while also wearing pieces from Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Balenciaga, Gucci and more.

Some of Gosik’s favorite looks for Quinn so far include an outfit by The Blonds for NYFW, which was a pearl-encrusted top paired with jeans that had feather detailing, and a gray comic book-printed suit and matching side hat by Christian Siriano, also for fashion week. The photoshoots Quinn did for Playboy and Cosmopolitan also rank high on her list.

With another dramatic and glamorous season of the Netflix series premiering Friday, Gosik said viewers should expect more “campy” and “costume” outfits.

“We did a lot of campy outfits, more costume-y. [She was] dying to do a tie look inspired by Blake Lively,” she said. “We did just that, but made it Christine, and it’s a little shirt and Saint Laurent tie, and I thought it was really cute. She’s wearing gloves. You really have to concentrate on the minute details with her.”

The fifth season of “Selling Sunset” will see Quinn sporting more accessories, wearing colorful Louis Vuitton bags and a Juicy Couture tracksuit, which is fitting given the Y2K fashion trends resurgence.

“When she’s going to the office or out to dinner, we try to plan what would make the most impact for that scene,” she said.

When “Selling Sunset” premiered on Netflix more than three years ago, the show became an instant hit for its over-the-top real estate showings, friendship drama and, of course, the unique fashion, with Quinn spearheading the charge for most stylish real estate agent in Los Angeles.

Click through the gallery above to see some of Christine Quinn’s most fashion-forward moments so far in the fifth season of “Selling Sunset.”


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