Women love to shop fashionable clothes and matching accessories to wear them on occasions and parties. Handbags are one such accessory item that cannot be missed out from the shopping list. Rather, it is a must-have item. Many women prefer to have multiple handbags to suit their different looks. 


These accessories do offer women great convenience. Being adorable containers, it is possible to keep together valuables as well as organize items to be carried along. They do make perfect companions, are lightweight, can accommodate lot of essential items and are portable. Hence, they can be used while travelling for work or anywhere. You can buy handbags online or offline. They are easily available in a wide range of designs, styles, materials, shapes, colours and patterns. To match certain outfit, you are to select the most appropriate one. Their price also varies due to certain factors like materials and brand made of. However, you can get hold of more options to choose from at discounted rates from numerous online portals when compared to brick & mortar stores. 

Customized handbags

There are available several customized handbags in the market that you can select based on your moods and desire. Doing some research can help you to come across different types of handbags like canvas totes, large, leather or cotton purses, zippered bags, etc. The choice offered these days is just endless. 

For those women who are constantly on the move, should choose canvas and large tote. These are perfect choices as they are designed to accommodate lot of items. Women have the habit of taking along nail polish, hair spray, perfume, portable makeup kit, comb and other essential activities. The handbags can also fit smartphones, cash, credit/debit card, car keys, handkerchief, etc. The handbag is created to be spacious to allow you to store your essential items in organized manner. Tote bags also come with small pockets to place those little extras. 

Shoulder bags are also quite practical and versatile for those women who have to make lots of trips. These bags also do make great gifts for family members or friends, including girlfriend. They are sure to love receiving and using this amazing gift. 

Also are offered smaller purchases like clutches that can be carried along to attend elegant parties and evening events. Such purses are found to complete the formal outfit while attending such events. It also makes them appear elegant and sophisticated. You can find lots of choices to select from and also make them personalised. Elegant personalised purses are quite unique. You may incorporate monogrammed purse with your initials. It will be elegantly scripted using dazzling Swarovski crystals. Carrying sleek personalized handbags designed with detailed, exquisite Swarovski crystals is sure to compel others to praise your selection. 

Personalized handbags do make excellent gifts for events like graduations, weddings and birthdays. But do ensure that the handbag selected as a gift matches the recipient’s taste and personality. Besides handbags used by women to complement their outfits, also are offered personalised cosmetic cases, toiletry bags, diaper bags and makeup bags. Being designer handbags, these are trendy and quite stylish to be carried out. They do make excellent purchase for those busy women, required to travel often. 

Facts to know about the best handbags for women

There seems to be a mystery surrounding between the woman as well as her handbag. Studies and research have been conducted to solve this mystery. You may also come across numerous articles and blogs on the web on women’s designer handbags. You may be of the wrong opinion that there is nothing to know much about women’s handbag. The truth is there are many things that you might not be aware about. 

It is a known fact that women of all ages do love to carry handbags. The sharp increase in the number of handbag manufacturers across the globe, both branded and locals clearly shows the growing demand for quality women’s handbags and its importance. But what exactly makes them special?

Interesting facts to know

Handbags are not ordinary objects. These items also are known to have some controversial history. A few equally interesting and less known facts on women’s designer handbags are given below:

  • Made from silk: The handbag is rather considered to be a simple pouch or pocket worn close to the skin to derive safety. Pockets were considered to be intimate similar to the underwear. They are worn at secret places to enable the user to reach them only by sliding the hand through a slit created in the skirt. 
  • Sexual appeal: You may have heard the term ‘old bag’ and want to know how it was introduced initially. Previously, women were known to carry their essential items in a purse or pouch kept in an unrevealing pocket or beneath her dress. For women to sport visible pocket was regarded ridiculous and vulgar. Hence, the term ‘old bag’ is referred to that bygone legacy. It shows that the woman is beyond sexual prime and no more appealing. 
  • Men Vs. Women: A survey conducted back in 2007 showed that men prefer carrying along branded designer bag more than women. It might appear to be quite reasonable as men are not much interested in design. The theory for men is quite simple. They will prefer investing in a popular brand as it seems to be much better. 
  • Relationship insecurity: Several studies conducted found that women possessing more expensive and luxurious handbags tend to feel more secure concerning their relationship. By carrying this bag, they probably try to send across a message to other women of her man being hers only and not to be seduced by others. This feeling of her relationship getting threatened by other women tends to trigger them automatically. This compels her to flash popular, expensive brands. Moreover, handbags are also known to help men from getting strayed. 
  • General facts: The average woman is known to own about six handbags, with the average handbag weighing approximately 5.2 pounds. 

Visiting a reputed portal offering quality, designer handbags for women can help you make the right selection.