Elementary Jewellery Findings Phrases


Findings: The element portions and fabrics used to finish a work of bijou.

Bail: Parts used to simply connect pendants or charms to a sequence with out the soldering being required.

Bead: A small, regularly rounded piece, with a hollow via it so it may be strung. Beads may also be constituted of various fabrics.

Bead Cap: A steel decoration, which is used to focus on beads and switch them right into a focal piece.  They’re extensively utilized to hide up any imperfections or injury across the drilled hollow of the bead.

Bezel: A steel ring that holds a stone in its surroundings.

Cabochon: A extremely polished gemstone utilized in bezel settings.  They’ve a curved most sensible and flat backside so they can take a seat within the settings.


Clasp: A tool that permits the 2 ends of a sequence to near in combination. They are able to be practical and ornamental, coming in lots of kinds and shapes.

-Lobster Claw Clasp: With the glance of a lobster claw, it has a rounded most sensible with a self-closing backside hinge that opens when a small lever is driven.

-Spring Ring Clasp: A spherical hole ring with an interior cord this is opened and closed by way of pulling and liberating a lever on its facet.

-Magnetic Clasp: Attracting magnets on every finish are used to near securely and open simply.

-Toggle Clasp: Has a bar this is pulled via a hoop and can’t go via once more, making it protected.


Crimp Bead: A small spherical or tubular hole bead this is secured to jewellery by way of knocking down it with pliers. Frequently occasions they’re used to protected clasps or floating beads on stringing subject matter.


Earwire: A curved and looped piece of cord this is one a part of an earring.  The curved phase suits during the piercing of an ear and a loop is used to cling an ornamental discovering.


Faceted Stone: A elegant gemstone with many flat minimize surfaces referred to as sides.  This is helping the gem replicate mild, making it glance brighter and shimmer.


Gauge: The thickness dimension of cord or steel. The upper the quantity is, the smaller the scale.


Gold Stuffed: Legally required to comprise 1/20 gold by way of weight and extra treasured than gold plated. It’s going to no longer tarnish or fade through the years like gold plated because of a unique bonding procedure.


Gold Plated: Masking some other form of steel with a skinny layer of gold the usage of electroplating.


Part-drilled Bead: A bead that handiest has a hollow midway via it and may also be glued onto steel pegs to create charms, pendants or stud earrings.

 Leap Rings: Small, spherical connectors utilized in jewellery making.

-Open Leap Rings: Have a divide within the cord that may be pried open and closed the usage of pliers.

Closed Leap Rings: Can’t be opened as they’re soldered close. They are perfect for initiatives that require a more potent connector for heavy or pricey items.

Oxidization: A response that happens when sterling silver is uncovered to oxygen, sulfur, and moisture within the air through the years that ends up in a dismal tarnish on its floor. Some jewelers purposely give a black patina to sterling silver by way of the usage of chemical substances to hurry the method up.

Pave: Tiny gem stones set shut to each other with out a visual steel that ends up in a “paved” stone floor glance.

Pins: Directly items of cord, which is able to are available many gauges and lengths.

-Ball Pins: Have a small ball on the finish to stop beads from sliding off. Loops may also be created with pliers to glue to different findings.

-Eye Pins: Have a small loop on the finish. The loop may also be connected to different findings to make longer items.

-Head Pins: Have a flat or spherical finish that assists in keeping beads from sliding off. Loops may also be created with pliers to glue to different findings.


High quality Tag: A small, flat piece of steel that has the steel high quality stamp or trademark of the producer or artisan. They typically have a hollow on every finish to simply connect to the chain with leap rings.

Rhodium Plating: Achieved like gold plating with electroplating, rhodium plating is used to stop scratching or tarnishing on sterling silver.  Rhodium is a treasured steel of the platinum circle of relatives and could also be a just right possibility for the ones with nickel allergic reactions as it’s hypoallergenic.

Rose Gold: Achieved like gold plating with electroplating, rose gold is a mix of particular quantities of silver, copper, and gold.

Slider Bead: A bead with an interior silicone layer that permits the bead to grip chain or twine.  The silicone permits the bead to stick in position whilst additionally making it simple to regulate its place if wanted.

Sterling Silver: An alloy of silver with a silver content material of 92.5p.csilver. The remainder 7.5{c30f02d1a3839018c3a3c8c7102050a0b32e2e4f8eba54dea6cc544f0247e749} is of alternative metals.

Cord wrapping: The usage of cord round a bead, stone, different findings, or itself, to create pendants, charms, or ornamental patterns for jewellery items.


Vermeil:  Vermeil is a mix of sterling silver and gold, typically a sterling silver core with thicker gold plating of two.5 micron thickness.

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