Home Jewelry Guidelines for Rounding Cord Jewellery Reduce Ends with Ease

Guidelines for Rounding Cord Jewellery Reduce Ends with Ease

Guidelines for Rounding Cord Jewellery Reduce Ends with Ease

One easy step to reinforce your cord jewellery making is to ensure your lower ends are easy and burr unfastened. 

Tools Used to Round Wire

And getting a easy cord finish is not very laborious – you probably have the precise gear.

When you’re making cord jewellery, the lower finish of cord is sharp and will simply scratch your pores and skin on touch.  Excellent cord flush cutters that depart a instantly edge are step one to getting a easy cord edge. With a flush cutter, one facet of the lower cord will probably be instantly and the opposite facet may have a slight level.  

What are excellent flush cutters? You will have to to find which you favor and meet your finances. 

I’ve a couple of Tronex flush cutters which can be my absolute favourite – however I do not at all times use them as a result of I tousled my prior favourite via now not being cautious how thick the cord was once. My prior favourite was once a couple of Lindstrom flush cutters that now have a small divot within the cutter from the use of 16 gauge cord. Ugh. It nonetheless hurts me to have a look at them. It harm much more after I appeared on the present costs for those top class cord cutters.

High quality, inexpensive wire flush cutters

The cord cutters that I take advantage of day in and time out are 5 inch micro flush cutters from Harbor Freight that price $3.99 according to pair and feature a life-time guaranty. I’ve about 4 pairs of them and that is the reason what you can see in maximum of my photos. They lower the entire cord I take advantage of each day from 16g to 26g, keep sharp after chopping FireLine and different fishing traces, and after they fall aside (which has handiest took place to at least one pair), I carry them again to the shop for a unfastened, no questions requested alternative. Maximum discount gear do not paintings smartly – however I feel those are wonderful.

I even have a pair of flush cutters from Xuron that I take advantage of for thicker cord, however I have never used them in recent years. Usually, I really like Xuron gear – they are inexpensive and excellent high quality.

Without reference to how excellent your flush cutters are and the way smartly you tuck the lower ends inside wraps, you’re going to additionally want a solution to easy cord ends. This is very true in an effort to make such things as earring hooks which require an uncovered cord edge – that is going thru somebody’s ear! For those who’ve ever now not smoothed a cord finish sufficient, you can know while you put it thru your ear.

Wire rounding tool or burr cup or cup bur

This is the place issues get attention-grabbing. First up is a device this is made only for this function – known as a cord rounding device, cup bur or burr cup – relying on who you might be speaking to. 

Tips for Rounding Wire Jewelry Cut Ends with Ease

I’ve a minimum of 3 of those, which it’s possible you’ll assume would imply they paintings. However I to find them beautiful needless. The only pictured above being essentially the most needless personally. I hate that the collar got here un-glued proper because it got here out of the package deal. And I do not believe they do anything else vital to easy the cord. 

To come back to that conclusion, I did a facet via facet 2 minute smoothing comparability between the cord rounding device and my nail information.  Similar piece of 20 gauge cord, each ends flush lower.

Best tools for rounding wire ends

One one facet of the cord I used the rounding device for two mins. The opposite facet I used nail information – first a coarse grit emery board after which a buffing form of nail record that had 3 steadily smoother surfaces (all pictured above). The facet that used the nail information have been easy in a couple of minute, in comparison to the the cord rounder that also had tough edges after 2 mins.

jewelry making tips - best tools for rounding wire ends

jewelry making tips - best tools for rounding wire ends

I really like that I am fairly psycho sufficient to assume it is possible for you to to inform the adaptation between the cord results in an image. The true take a look at was once in fact, remaining my eyes and smoothing my finger or pores and skin over the cord. However simply perhaps you’ll see that the second one cord is extra lightly rounded at the edges? That is the one with the nail information.

I attempted my steel information too. However they did not paintings as smartly both. They usually take off extra steel, which is what I do not actually need as a result of I am the use of plated craft cord. Sooooo, it is emery nail information for the win in this one.

There may be some methodology in relation to cord rounding. You will want to get started via smoothing the lower finish with the flat finish of the emery board, however then cross over and across the facet lower edges to easy and spherical them. Similar procedure as you progress down with finer/smoother grits of nail information. 

I used the similar methodology with the cord rounder device additionally – began flat and instantly at the finish after which tilted so it will spherical the perimeters. Nonetheless did not anything. I discussed I had a number of cord rounding gear. The opposite model I’ve is within the first image and is a part of a pin vise set. It is more uncomplicated to carry and switch – however nonetheless does not easy as smartly or as briefly as I be expecting it to.

Let me know within the feedback when you use those gear to get your cord ends easy or have a distinct methodology or device.