Home asian Hakka Noodles Recipe – An Asian Delight

Hakka Noodles Recipe – An Asian Delight

Hakka Noodles Recipe – An Asian Delight

The hakka fried noodle is a really distinctive asian noodle recipe. You can learn how to make this special Hakka fried noodle ideal at residence employing the recipe that I will share with you in a instant.

A person of the very simple and welcoming meals that you can share with your relatives and friends. It is a mild and fulfilling food match for lunch or dinner.

This particular sort of fried noodles is extremely delicious and nutritious. You can put together this in a really quick time, and its best for bachelors, working mothers, and homemakers. If you seeking to cook dinner something in all around 30 minutes to forty-5 minutes time, this is the 1st dish that you really should try. Following you slice all the veggies in the recipe, it barely requires whenever to prepare dinner the hakka noodle. This dish is effective very best if you have a large amount of leftover veggies in your fridge and you are having a challenging time hoping to complete them prior to they flip terrible. All you want to do is Julienne them and incorporate them into the pan!

Listed here is the straightforward edition of the hakka noodle that I will be sharing with you.


1 packet (320 gm) dried handmade noodle (any form of dried noodle will do, if you can get the handmade ones, that would be finest. Or else, any noodles that preferences superior will do.)

150 gm chives, keep in mind to lower into 4 cm duration

200 gm of bean sprouts

3 dry bean curd (tofu), reduce into strips

100 gm tiny and dried prawns, chopped into little bits

2-3 cloves of chopped garlic

2 eggs, fried into omelette and shredded into slender strips

2 table spoons of olive oil


Salt and pepper to taste

Technique (How to Prepare):

  • Blanch the noodle in boiling h2o till cooked, then drain and rinse with chilly water, and hold aside.
  • Fry the shredded dried tofu until eventually golden. Then set apart.
  • Fry the dried prawns with oil right up until fragrant and crispy, then set aside.
  • Heat frying pan with very little oil, stir-fry the noodle in number of portions until eventually dry and fragrant. Dish up.
  • Warmth frying pan to sauté garlic, incorporate in the chives, bean sprout, tofu, dried prawns and seasoning and stir well. Pour in a tiny h2o, increase in the noodle and stir-fry till very well mixed. Regulate seasoning to taste.
  • Add in the shredded omelette and provide. 5 servings.

This is a fantastic recipe, adored by both equally young ones, as perfectly as grown ups. It is a very healthier option for your each day lunch or evening meal. Have fun and take pleasure in!