car service station in Gurgaon

In every car owner’s life, quite often, there are instances when the car, for some reason, refuses to start the engine on its own. If you do not have any way to start the car manually and the car service station in Gurgaon is still far, then you must try to start the car engine using a “pusher”.

You can only try to start your car with the help of a “pusher” if your car’s braking system is in perfect working conditions. However, for this, you need to find another car that can help you as a tug or a couple of physically strong guys who will agree to push your vehicle. Also, before starting the procedure, be sure to negotiate with each other some conventional stop signs that you can signal from the car window. It can be a sound signal or headlights in case the battery is not completely discharged. 

If your car is pre-installed with a carburetor, then before starting, you must pump up fuel using the gas pedal. In such cases, do not overdo it, 3-4 clicks will be enough. If your car has a fuel injector, you can skip the latter process. 

Now let’s talk about the “pusher”

  • We start with inserting the key into the ignition lock and turning it on. 
  • Now we shift to the neutral gear and signal to start the push or pull.
  • When the car starts moving, after passing a little, slightly accelerate in neutral, squeeze the clutch and engage the second gear. The next step is to release the clutch gradually. Now, you should feel a jolt, and after that, the engine will start running. 
  • Lastly, we need to press the clutch again and, if necessary, slow down a little. Turn on neutral gear. 

You must perform these actions quickly and clearly to avoid any mistakes.

We signal to the front car or the guys pushing from behind to stop the vehicle. After they have stopped, you should not turn off the engine for another 15-20 minutes. This will allow the engine to warm up well. 

If the car could not start on the first try, don’t be disappointed, you can try several more times to get the desired result. The main thing is that after the procedure, do not forget to recharge the battery so that you do not have to push the car again later. If it again refuses to start it means you need help with an online car service in Gurgaon.

Some Useful Tips

There are few more simple rules but at the same time extremely useful rules. They will help you find the right solution in the wrong situation. If your battery is left even with a small amount of charge, it can be used to help those who push the car. Just try to turn on the car with the charge left, this will allow the engine to start in tug faster.

Also, never stand behind the car in front of its exhaust pipe. This is a purely aesthetic issue since when the engine is just starting, a cloud of smoke will eventually come out of the pipe. Therefore, the spoiling of clothes is inevitable.