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A bridesmaid refused to give in to a bride’s strange demand.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Before her friend Mary’s wedding, the Reddit poster’s fiancé gave her a necklace for their anniversary to wear to the ceremony. But when Mary saw the jewelry the day of the wedding, she demanded the Reddit poster fork it over.

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“My friend Mary got married last week. I was in her bridal party,” she explained. “We are friends from high school, and all of her other bridesmaids were her friends from college who I hadn’t met until her bachelorette party. I was supposed to attend the wedding with my own fiancé, but he contracted COVID-19 five days before we were supposed to leave. Our fifth anniversary was two months ago. He got me a beautiful opal necklace on a gold chain specifically to wear to the wedding because it complimented my bridesmaid dress. I asked Mary in our bridal party group chat if she was alright with us wearing our own jewelry to the wedding, she said no problem.”

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When Mary saw the necklace, she loved it. In fact, the bride loved it so much she wanted the jewelry to herself.

“The day of the wedding comes, all of us bridesmaids and Mary meet for pictures outside the chapel,” the Reddit poster said. “Mary sees my necklace and loves it and actually asked if she could switch her necklace with mine. Some other bridesmaids chime in and say that it would be her ‘something borrowed.’ I tried as politely as I could to tell her that my fiancé got this for me to wear to the wedding, and especially since he can’t be here, I’d like to keep it on. Mary and the other bridesmaids were persistent, saying it was her wedding and her pictures and that I wasn’t being accommodating. But I firmly told them no. Mary then said if I could at least take it off since it looked nicer than her own jewelry. Again, I told her I’d rather not. I received a lot of cold shoulders and dirty looks at the ceremony and reception. I felt awful. After the first dance, Mary’s sister came up to me to tell just how upset Mary was and how rude it was that I upset her so on her big day.”

Redditors thought the bride was being ridiculous.

“Imagine being so upset over something so petty,” a user wrote.

“What a petty thing to even notice then obsess over,” another said.

“Your friend was way out of line,” someone commented.

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