After 21 months of loving this boy, we are so excited to officially introduce you to our SON, David Mateo Paine.

And yes, typing that word SON brings tears to my eyes. I cannot believe I get the gift of loving this boy. He has truly changed all of us so profoundly.

David, you are so immensely loved. Today, we honor your brave mama who loves you so much and who chose your beautiful name for you. It not only fits perfectly for who you are… it also fits our pre-determined boy name pattern (two syllable, 5-letter Bible name first name , three-syllable Bible name middle name — how amazing is that??).

David means “beloved” and Mateo means “gift of God”. And it couldn’t describe you more accurately.

When the DCS caseworker dropped you off in the middle of the night 21 months ago, we had no idea just how beloved you would become to all of us. I remember that first week — when you were so sickly and malnourished — yet you wrapped your little finger around mine, looked into my eyes, and started talking right to me. And my heart started falling deeply in love. I’ve watched your sweet spirit and smile capture each of our hearts in such a deep way.

Your life is a gift. From being born at 27 weeks with Down syndrome and a severe cleft lip/palate, God has had His hand of protection all over you. And you have taught us all to see God’s gifts and goodness in new ways.

We love you, precious David, and we are so grateful for your life! You are a walking miracle, you continually defy the odds, and we look forward with anticipation to what God has for your future.

David Mateo Paine… here’s to forever. ❤️

If you want to see more pictures and read more about the adoption, head over here and here.

Jesse and I sat down a week before the adoption and recapped 2022. We shared about the adoption and some thoughts and feelings leading up to it, lessons we learned in 2022, and some highlights from the year (including talking about our oldest dating for the first time and what that’s been like for us as parents).

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In This Episode

[00:33] – This is the last episode of 2022!

[01:41] – The title of my new book.

[04:51] – Micah has been a blessing from 2022!

[07:06] – This year has not been without its challenges.

[09:29] – We also have our older girls getting ready to go to college.

[12:18] – Jesse and I have learned to let go this year.

[13:10] – I reflect back on prioritizing community.

[16:37] – I touch upon how we began homeschooling again this year.

[18:27] – Our oldest is in a dating relationship for the first time this year.

[21:20] – The adoption and our thoughts leading up to it.