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I've Tried Out Hundreds of Fashion Items This Year—These 21 Were Clear Winners

I've Tried Out Hundreds of Fashion Items This Year—These 21 Were Clear Winners

You’ve probably already overanalyzed your Spotify Wrapped by now (yes, you really did play that Taylor Swift song that many times), but let me present you another idea: a yearly summary of your closet. I wish my closet had its own algorithm to do it for me, but every year I like to take a look back at the most-worn pieces in my closet, as it helps me dictate exactly which purchases ended up being worth it and how to be a better shopper in the next year. Since I already am constantly sharing my shopping finds, I thought it would make the most sense to share the best items I’ve worn this year. I promise it’s not as repetitive as the music choices of your friend group. 

From my favorite J.Crew cashmere sweater to my now well-loved Staud bags, I’ve really put the items below to the true wear test. They’ve come along with me to simple office days and trips across Europe, and I’ll be taking them all with me into the New Year. Keep scrolling to shop my recommendations, and don’t forget to put together your own end-of-the-year closet favorites. 

I wore this on a weekly basis in both spring and fall—it’s just the ideal lightweight jacket.

These pants were always a top seller among our readers, and after trying a pair out for myself, I understand why. They’re lightweight and drape on the leg in a perfectly relaxed manner. I bought the regular size, but I’d opt for the petite version next time.

I’ve had many luxe-looking suede totes on my wish list, but a lot of them were too close to the $1000+ mark for my liking. This one has exactly what I wanted—it looks more expensive than it is, is comfortable on my shoulders, and fits everything I need.

Coach has mastered the Y2K resurgence, but its line of sleek ’90s bags is worth just as much hype. 

Biker jackets can either cost a pretty penny or fit completely wrong, and this one fits everything on my checklist. 

After seeing this dress all over my Instagram, I finally made the purchase and have no regrets. It’s the most flattering dress I’ve ever put on.

If you’re new here, you should know that I am a Staud superfan. The Moon bag is one of the brand’s most coveted pieces and for valid reasons. It’s versatile and still has a unique shape.

Comfort is a huge priority for me, and when I picked these up at a Kotn shop in Montreal, I knew I needed them in my wardrobe. I wore them on my six-hour flight to London and slept like a baby, so the comfort factor is really there.

I borrowed my brother’s Fear of God hoodie on a family road trip and was very close to stealing it. He ended up gifting me with my own, and it’s become one of my most-worn comfy pieces.

Another Staud bag, are you surprised? While the Moon bag makes more of a statement, I’ve kept this one as more of an everyday staple.

Twenty twenty-two was the year of edgy fashion, as pop-punk and goth aesthetics made a resurgence. If you’re looking to add a moody touch to your look without spending a ton of money, this Mango bag is ideal. It’s lightweight and fits comfortably on your shoulder, and people almost never believe me when I tell them where it’s from.

These boots may look intimidating, but I promise they’re more comfortable than you’d think. They give a great amount of added height without a great amount of pain.

This may be surprising to you, but I’ve never owned cashmere till I tried out this J.Crew option, and it certainly has put my expectation for the knit style at an all-time high.

Every time I wear these, people ask me where they’re from. They’re perfectly tapered at the waist and hit right at the ankle. 

I always thought I wasn’t layering enough, but it turns out I just never had the right coat. Aritzia’s Slouch Coat has become my saving grace for the harsh winter days we’ve been having. Not to mention it’s chic in design, so no matter what I’m wearing, it always looks good on top. It’s a win-win situation.

It seems like these ballet flats are almost always on sale, and more people need to take advantage of that. They’re comfortable, look expensive, and come in both classic black and a delicious red that I both own. With the ballet look trending, there are tons of options on the market, but this one is a top contender. 

I understand this set is pricey, but it truly is one of the most comfortable sets I’ve tried—and I’ve tried a lot. I wore it to Thanksgiving and was happily able to relax thanks to its stretchy and comforting waist. The pieces are versatile so you can mix and match with no problem.

While some people can push past the pain in heels, I absolutely cannot. So after trying many stiletto heels boots and wincing in pain, I was extremely happy to find this pair from Vagabond. Block heels can look a tad clunky, so I like how this one is slightly thinner and slanted, making for a unique look. I’ve worn this to trek all around NYC and always come home pain-free.

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