A true definition of beauty is the sum of the outer and inner beauty of an individual. Inner beauty comprises generosity, care, affections, gratitude and other virtues that add meaning to our lives. On the other hand, outer beauty consists of healthy skin, a glowing face and a good physique. In the modern era, people are concerned about maintaining fitness and flawless skin to gain a reputation and goodwill in society. Beauty is the most powerful tool to play a key role in social interactions. Nowadays, contamination and pollution are gaining momentum that has given rise to health issues and skin problems. People in the metropolitan area are subject to the hazardous effects of pollution. They tend to suffer from the skin problems such as sunburn, acne, scars blemishes, spots etc. It could lead to various types of skin problems such as skin cancer and dullness. Cosmetology companies are leading the world by providing products healthy and safe for use of skin and face. Scars and acne have become a common problem for people, beautifying agents such as acne-free face wash, no scars soap, etc. These products are flourishing in markets to meet the needs of consumers. Besides, using healthy skin care products, we should also follow home remedies to cure acne scars.

Home Remedies to get rid of unwanted acne scars:

• Honey: The most powerful natural ingredient is honey and acts against bacterial infections due to its effective properties. The maximum potential to treat the face problems of acne scars and blemishes is possessed by honey. Furthermore, it is rich in cleansing property proving to be beneficial for all types of skin.Applying raw honey to the acne for fifteen minutes and washing it with cold water for a week could give the desired results of a clear and glowing face.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the healthiest and easily available ingredient to treat any sort of skin problem. It acts effectively against acne scars by reducing the inflammation and size of the acne tissue. Aloe Vera has an antibacterial property that makes it fight against acne-causing bacteria. Applying aloe vera directly from the plant or aloe vera gel is also available in the market to the acne affected area can cause reduce in scars and provide a cooling sensation on the skin. For best results, it can be used with cinnamon by making a paste and applying it for ten minutes and rinsing it off with cold water.

Lemon Juice: Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C proving healthy for the skin and body. Vitamins are the most important requirement to have healthy and glowing skin. Lemon has the potential to fight against bacterial infections and has high antioxidant properties. It brightens the skin tone and reduces the coloration of acne scars. Applying a few drops of lemon juice on the acne-affected area of the face twice a day can overcome the problem.

These home remedies could produce desired results to clear and flawless skin, one solution to treating this can be the use of no scars face soap and face wash. We can treat acne scars problems in the best suitable way consulting dermatologist.