with Clare Yuille

Clare Yuille realised that no one really teaches makers how to pitch themselves and their work to retailers, so she decided to do something about it. As the founder of Indie Retail Academy, Clare helps jewellers and other makers sell their work to independent stores. In this episode, Clare shares some of her top tips for building and managing relationships with retailers, advice for selling during the holidays, and more.

Episode Description:

  • Today we’re talking with Clare Yuille, founder of the Indie Retail Academy (0:50)

  • Can you tell us about your background that inspired you to help makers? (2:25)

  • What are your top tips for jewellers about managing relationships with retailers? (8:19)

  • How can you help make sure your jewellery sells once it’s in the store? (16:34)

  • When is the right time to get in touch with retailers? (21:03)

  • What annoys retailers the most? (23:23)

  • Who is your favourite supplier, and why? (28:48)

  • How to learn more from Clare (31:59)

About Clare:
Clare Yuille teaches makers of all kinds to sell their work to independent stores. She’s been a brick-and-mortar retailer since 2009 and is the founder of Indie Retail Academy.

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