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It seems like every once in a while a new beauty trend appears on TikTok that has all of the girlies scrambling to recreate the look. While most of these have a habit of fading out after a while (think over-lined lips during Kylie Jenner’s lip filler era), but one trend in particular over the last year has stood the test of time: the “no-makeup makeup look.”

Everyone has different names for this particular aesthetic. Perhaps you know it as the “clean” makeup look or just refer to it as being natural. Regardless, people are obsessed with the concept of a fresh low-maintenance vibe.

On the other hand, achieving the look can take some practice and a certain level of skill. There’s a fine line between capturing this perfectly put-together visage and having an equally as fabulous yet full-face glam. Typically characterized by fluffy brows, dewy skin, subtly elongated eyelashes and a rosy flush upon the cheeks, the natural makeup look requires the right products, which are unfortunately harder to find than you’d think.

For an aesthetic that depends on minimal-looking makeup, the style is carefully curated with light skin tints, shimmering balms and tinted brow gels. Below, we’ve rounded up the only items you need in line with the trend that will have you looking as radiant as ever.

Saie tinted moisturizer

Courtesy of Sephora.

Tinted Moisturizer 

This hydrating tinted moisturizer is rich in SPF and will give your skin an ideal sheer coverage. Remember, the key to mastering this trend is giving the illusion of a natural (and glowy) complexion. I know lightweight foundations might be scary to some, but shoppers swear this one looks great on all skin types, from oily to acne-prone.

“I’m literally speechless. I have dry and textured skin. I have had total breakdowns with things just looking thick or cakey on me. This was unreal,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s silky almost. And makes my skin feel hydrated.”

tarte concealer



You only need a small dab of concealer to touch up under your eyes. While one of my favorite techniques is to pack up concealer to erase my eye bags after a rough night, less is definitely more here. Known for being the best of the best in full-coverage and in soft blurring, Tarte’s Shape Tape is a crowd pleaser that you can’t go wrong with.

milk makeup blush

Courtesy of Milk Makeup


Again, your complexion is meant to give off the “I woke up like this” vibe despite the fact you obviously did not. A stroke of a pink cream blush atop your cheeks will give life to your skin when your makeup feels underwhelming. Milk’s cream blush blends in with the skin for a natural and sun-kissed look that isn’t easy to achieve with other powder formulas. Go off with the blush and make Beyoncé proud, mama!

GimmeBrowPlus Jumbo Product ComponentOpen 1 These Are The Only Beauty Products You Need to Achieve TikToks Favorite No Makeup, Makeup Look

Courtesy of Benefit.

Tamed Brows  

Eyebrows have the power to completely define your face within their frame. There are many ways you could style your brows, but this volumizing tinted gel will create understated fullness and definition. Plus, the light tint will help your brows look fuller in thin spots like the ends.


Christina Milian's lip SOS

Courtesy of Tula.

Hydrating Lip Balm

I’m a big fan of lip products that will keep your pout looking fabulous and hydrated. This flattering light pink balm has a gloss finish all while being infused with a peptide-powered lip treatment.

Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara

Courtesy of Rare Beauty.


Gorgeous gorgeous girls never have clumpy mascara! No look would be complete without a swipe of mascara before you head out. Rest assured, this Rare Beauty pick is flake and smudge-proof.