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Sara Davidson
10/19/21 10:17pm

While Houston may be home to The Galleria, the largest mall in Texas, malls aren’t the only place to scout deals and fresh clothing in Houston. Since “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit the Billboard charts in 2012, thrift stores have only been on an upward trend. Shopping for gently used items and clothes is not only good for the planet, but also for our wallets. 

To add to our previous staff recommendation, Family Thrift Center, here are some more of our favorite thrift stores in Houston ranging from chain stores to local shops that call Houston home. 

Buffalo Exchange 

First on our list, this store has the advantage of being next to one of the richest neighborhoods in Houston, River Oaks, meaning that many higher end items of clothing can be found within these racks. With everything from winter sweaters to summer crops, this store has everything you need for any given occasion, from the shoes lining its wall to the handmade earrings on the jewelry racks. Be sure to bring your own bag, as Buffalo Exchange does not provide them with purchase, instead donating the cost of a plastic bag to a listed charity of your choice. 

Plato’s Closet 

A thrift chain with a couple locations in Houston, Plato’s Closet brands itself as having the latest “trendy” clothes to thrift. Plato’s has a range of branded items and always offers deals trading clothes for credit, making this an ideal spot to clean out your closet and grab some new items. Plato’s Closet is also a great spot for basics and comfort wear, often hosting a collection of tees and sweatshirts. An added bonus: the nearest location is only a ten minute drive from Rice.

Out of the Closet

A thrift store supporting a cause, Out of the Closet donates 96 cents of every dollar made to investing in HIV/AIDS education, prevention and awareness programs in Houston. The store also contains a discreet on-site HIV testing facility and pharmacy, making this a great community space for not only shopping but also to support those living with or at-risk of HIV or AIDS. Not only does this store give back, there are plenty of great finds within their racks, and they offer a wide range from high end to your everyday bargain. Out of the Closet is another spot for good deals and cute clothes, with a fun self-described “treasure hunt” aspect in the racks along the way. 

Leopard Lounge 

A true vintage thrifting experience, Leopard Lounge and its funky vibe greets shoppers right away with its leopard print wall located outside of the store. Inside, the store organizes its clothes by the decade, allowing shoppers to select throwback fashion with ease. Each decade area is appropriately decorated, with rock and roll ’50s leather jackets or lavish Roaring ’20s furs, it has everything you might need for a period piece or just a good time. This thrift store is one of many in the area, making this a great stop on a thrift hopping session. 


Located next door to the Leopard Lounge, with a door connecting them inside as well, Pavement is an expansive store containing brand names, vintage finds and lots and lots of shoes. The sale section up front allows for easily accessible discounts, and racks throughout the store are organized by brand, allowing you to see exactly what Lululemon or Nike the shop might have. This is a fun store to get lost in, with rack after rack of clothes and chandelier-decked fitting rooms. Pavement also hosts a variety of sizes and styles for every body type. Besides the next door Leopard Lounge, the area is filled with thrift stores, including gems such as Petty Cash and Lo-Fi Vintage.