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Sarda™ Launching Bali-Made Diamond Jewelry Collection

Sarda™ Launching Bali-Made Diamond Jewelry Collection

PUYALLUP, Wash., April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sarda is excited to announce the launch of their own exclusive diamond collection as part of their exploding online jewelry store that specializes in Bali-Made, artisan jewelry.

Sarda strives to set themselves apart from competition with designer jewelry that is affordable, yet elegant and forever lasting. As diamonds are forever, the union between Sarda and diamonds is only natural.

“I’m a designer that really wants a bunch of different looks out of things,” says SARDA™ Founder and Designer Janyl Sherman. “I recreate, I restructure so I can incorporate stone and diamond.”

Sarda’s origins begin nearly 30 years ago when Sherman quit her job in retail to travel across the world to Bali to start her new artisan jewelry business. The natural beauty of the landscape and people of Bali provided all the inspiration that she needed to develop and grow her business to the success it has today. Thanks to the unparalleled craftsmanship and passion that goes into each Bali-made collection, Sarda has gained a massive fan following.

“I worked at a very high-end department store and took a break,” Janyl said. “I took a bead class with my mom and realized ‘oh my gosh, this could be a jewelry line.’ I quit and started that jewelry line, with beaded jewelry, in three months.”

That beaded jewelry line evolved into a wide beautiful collection of artisan jewelry. Diamonds are the latest evolution at Sarda as the timing was right to achieve the high quality that Sherman requires in each collection.

“I was born in April, so I’ve always wanted to do diamonds,” says Sherman. “But the quality had to match where I would want to use diamonds. I hadn’t felt that I had arrived yet. I always wanted to use them. I actually experimented with them a couple of years ago.”

Obtaining quality diamonds isn’t the only obstacle, its ensuring the craftsmanship of the jewelry also matches the beauty of the diamonds. Sherman has focused on training a couple employees specifically in the diamond settings at Sarda’s Bali factory to secure consistency and elegance in every piece created. Despite being limited, customers don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a truly one of a kind piece for themselves, or for someone special like Mom for Mother’s Day.

“A lot of diamonds we’re doing now are accents, they’re not big wedding ring sets,” Sherman says. “We’re making sure we don’t make mistakes or overcharge. I want to try to get some really good prices for our customers.”

Sarda’s Diamond Collection is now available on their website – Sarda.com, just in time as April Diamond month ends.

“It’s diamond now with Artisan Handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry. You can’t get better than that,” Sherman says.

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