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Tatty Collectors: Milly! – Tatty Devine

Tatty Collectors: Milly!
– Tatty Devine

We’ve been oh-so inspired by the art of collecting recently… just ask our limited edition Cabinet of Curiosities jewellery collection. Next step of our odyssey into the psyche of curation? We’re talking permanent works of art: celebrating the launch of our limited edition Tattoo Collector Brooch, it only seemed right to call on acrylic jewellery aficionado and tattoo lover, Milly (that’s @fancyasmilly for you Instagrammers). In need of flash-art inspo? Step this way, as we take a tour of Milly’s jewellery AND tattoo collection – keep your eyes peeled for nods to our original art jewellery along the way!!



When and how did you discover Tatty Devine?

I first found out about Tatty Devine in the early to mid-00s, I was a huge consumer of magazines (think Elle Girl, and Teen Vogue), and used to cut out images of products from them and collage them together in scrapbooks. The classic Name Necklaces and Pegasus Wings were what I remember the most!


Hey Milly!


How many pieces are currently in your collection?

I’ve never counted or taken a collection picture before, so I’ve just done it, especially for you (Wow – consider us honoured!) 


There are around 330 pieces, I counted 321 today but I’m sure there are a few that are unaccounted for – that’s whole lotta jewellery! I organise them in boxes of themes/colours/collections/years etc and label them with my vintage Dymo. 


What a collection – can you spot any you have too?


As well as collecting jewellery, you’re a regular in the tattoo studio. How many tattoos do you have now?

A full sleeve on my left arm and a leg sleeve on the opposite leg. A lot of coverage, but still plenty of space left to fill (eventually). All my tattoos are by @HananQattan at @FoxAndFortuneTattoo in Worcester. I love that my tattoos are unique, colourful, and feminine, and I love that I’m a walking piece of art.


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You’re all about expressing yourself with tattoos, makeup and jewellery. What roles do tattoos play in your self-expression? 

As someone in the creative industry, design is so important to me. I don’t see the point in having something unless it’s beautiful or makes you smile. The way I think about it is – I decorate everything I own, stick stickers on my technology, wear fun bright clothes, and accessorise up to the eyeballs, so why wouldn’t I decorate my skin too?! It’s also been an incredible journey of self-acceptance for me, I didn’t get my first tattoo until my late 20s (glad I waited) but having tattoos really changed how I feel about my body. I was once someone who wouldn’t wear a skirt because I hated my legs, but now I couldn’t care less about having them out… Nobody is looking at my cellulite, they are looking at my ink.


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We’ve spotted similar motifs in our designs and your tattoos – we’re looking at that incredible inked Fortune Teller Hands! What was the meaning behind the piece?

Sorry to disappoint but there is not much meaning behind most of my tattoos at all, it’s ALL about the look! AW14’s Fortune Teller Necklace was definitely the inspiration behind my knee tattoo though. I sent my tattoo artist a picture of it placed over my knee to show her my idea! The Fortune Teller Necklace was (and still is) my favourite Tatty piece of all time. I even bought a backup when there was a recent re-release just in case I lose or break it. 


I’m not a very spiritual person, but I do believe in fate and am a bit of an overthinking – I think whatever is meant to be will happen, I enjoy the idea of letting go and leaving it to the planets! I suppose this is symbolised by my fortune and tarot-related tattoos (though it really helps that I just love the aesthetic of anything slightly spooky). 


We’re obsessed! Are there any other tattoos you have that could link to Tatty Devine?

Loads – there are only so many themes in the world, and although most of them are not directly inspired, I love the imagery behind anything celestial and otherworldly! I’ve got quite a few tattoos of stars, suns, moons, which go with a lot of my Tatty Devine collection. The 3 eyed woman on my sleeve really reminds me of the ‘Dream Goddess Necklace’ from last year. There’s a Snake, monstera leaf, bow and arrow, mermaid, hands, flowers, the list goes on. So many can be matched up!


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First Tatty Devine piece: Gold Pegasus wings (the original single-piece version)


Most recent tattoo: Some cute finger decoration, stars, moons and dots! I was nervous about straying onto my hands, but I have zero regrets.



Wishlist Tatty Devine piece: The Future Mystic Crescent Necklace from A/W10. It never comes up for resale, but I’m keeping an eye out in case it ever does. And from this season, it’s got to be the Walk of Snails Statement!! I bought the Jewelled Insects and the Ship in a Bottle Necklace when they came out but I’d have bought the snails too if I could have! 


Future Mystic Crescent Large Necklace in the pages of Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine


Favourite tattoo: It’s difficult to choose one, but I do have a strange fondness for the hermit crab covering the top of my foot. It’s super cute and has some meaning because I’m a complete homebody.


Dream big here, if you could ask us to make anything, what would it be: Sorry to harp on about the Future Mystic Crescent, but I just love the dangling charms on chains and all the colours. I’ve seen some rare samples with chains and charms that you’ve done for the La Luna, and bibs with gemstones along a similar line. They NEED to go into production. So yeah, giant, colourful, dangly chain charm gloriousness, please!


One more peek into Milly’s collection before we go!


Noted – charms, charms and more charms! Thank you so much for giving us a tour of your tats, Milly  – we loved matching them up to our jewellery archive! Can’t wait to see what you get next. Lobster maybe?

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