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The 10 Best Conservative Halloween Costumes for Modest, Stylish Ladies • budget FASHIONISTA

The 10 Best Conservative Halloween Costumes for Modest, Stylish Ladies • budget FASHIONISTA

Why be the sexy fill-in-the blank this Halloween like everyone else? It’s just so cliché to be a slutty-this or a slutty-that. Also, it’s mildly offensive that bearing all is the costume strategy women favor most. Can’t conservative Halloween costumes be just as cute and interesting?

I say yes, and I hope you agree. To prove it, here are 10 conservative Halloween costume ideas that you’ll love wearing.

Classic conservative Halloween costumes

Look back in time for a wealth of modest Halloween costume ideas. You can brainstorm actresses and movie characters from the 1950s and 1960s, for example. You might need to practice your doe-eyed eyeliner, but you won’t need to show your boobs. For example:

1. Holly Golightly

Get your hands on a black sheath dress and add big sunglasses and pearls. Pile your hair up on your head, add a bunch of black eyeliner, and put on your best sweet-girl pout. Stash a danish in a paper bag and you are the perfect Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

2. Jackie Kennedy

Transform yourself into Jackie Kennedy with a monochrome skirt suit and matching hat. Don’t forget the pearls and gloves!

Historical conservative costumes

If black eyeliner and fake eyelashes aren’t your thing, go further back in history for more costume ideas. The American Old West presents some interesting fashion opportunities, as does Ancient Rome (and really, everything in between).

3. Sharpshooters Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane

Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane were American Wild West sharpshooters. Oakley was the inspiration for the Broadway play Annie Get Your Gun. A lesser known fact is that Oakley spent most of her money in her lifetime on charities in support of women and children.

Calamity Jane earned her nickname after saving an army captain in an attack. Both women spent time showing off their shooting skills in Buffalo Bill’s famous traveling show.

For either character, don a brown leather dress, cowboy boots, a hat, and a fake gun. You might carry an empty bottle of whiskey for Jane, who was known to be fond of the brown liquor.

4. Minnerva, goddess of wisdom

Minnerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom. To honor her this Halloween, wear a loose white top with pleats at the neckline over a white flowing skirt. Find yourself a warrior helmet on Amazon and a fake spear for that “don’t mess with me” vibe.

You can also find cheap Roman goddess costumes on Amazon. Many of the options are low-cut (of course) but you could always wear a cami underneath.

Conservative costumes from pop culture

6. Phoenix from Top Gun Maverick

Slip on those combat boots, olive green pants, and bomber jacket. Pull your hair back and skip the makeup to let your natural beauty shine. If you can, find yourself an old motorcycle helmet and use adhesive lettering (or stencils and paint) to write Phoenix across the front.

7. Young Priscilla Presley aka Mrs. Elvis

You might need a wig for this one, since young Priscilla’s hair defied gravity at times. But if you can nail the hairstyle, you only need black eyeliner and any 50s-inspired outfit to complete the look.

8. Galadriel from The Rings of Power

This is the simplest of our modest costumes. If you’re short on time and creative energy, grab a Galadriel costume from Amazon. You’ll look gorgeous in the long white gown with flowing sleeves.

9. Billie Eilish

Eilish made baggy cool, so why not use that to your advantage this Halloween?

You can emulate her look with some pigmented hair gel and oversized, logo’d sweats in a bright color. Part your hair down the middle. If you have bangs, clip them back with plastic barrettes. To stay in character, avoid smiling at all costs.

The old standbys

9. Zombie bride

If you have a white dress that you don’t mind destroying, you can pull off the zombie bride costume pretty easily. All you need beyond the dress is some white makeup, black makeup, and fake blood. Even better if you can carry a fake severed arm for extra gore.

10. Wicked witch  

Witches aren’t slutty, right? According to the Wizard of Oz, witches are covered head to toe by way of tall boots, long dresses, and pointy hats. This is another costume you can readily find on Amazon. If you want to go all in, add green makeup on your face and hands.

For more Halloween costume ideas, see our post on DIY classy costumes.