Home accesories The 18 Best China Anniversary Gifts in 2021

The 18 Best China Anniversary Gifts in 2021

The 18 Best China Anniversary Gifts in 2021

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If 20 years of marriage isn’t a reason to celebrate, we don’t know what is. Whether you’re about to reach the milestone with your spouse or you know a couple who is, the occasion calls for a meaningful anniversary gift. And in case you’re not hip to the long-standing customs dating back to medieval times, every year of marriage calls for a traditional gift that grows in value each anniversary. Each was selected as an agent of good fortune and prosperity for the marriage.

Two decades of marriage call for the traditional gift of china. The term ‘china’ comes from its country of origin and describes a smooth, white, lustrous, and often fragile product. It represents the delicate nature of your relationship and symbolizes the beautiful life you and your partner have built together.

Interior designer Lauren Behfarin tells us, “people can be intimidated when shopping for china because it has long been associated with antiques and fine dish ware,” but incidentally, she says, “it’s another word for porcelain.” Used interchangeably, china or porcelain has many iterations from vases to candle holders and many decorative objects in between. And the best part is it comes in every price point to suit your budget.

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Read on for the best china anniversary gifts.

What to look for in china gifts

China is used interchangeably with porcelain and can range from luxury items to affordable pieces. No matter your budget, you can gift the traditional material to anyone celebrating 20 years of marriage—or any other anniversary if you’d like to go off the traditional theme!


  • Not at all! While it most often includes plates and teacups, bone china and porcelain come in all forms, including home decor and jewelry. 

  • Make sure to check the manufacturer’s label—most fine china pieces should only be washed by hand and is too fragile to go in the microwave. This is especially true if the pieces have metallic accents or delicate detailing.

    Many couples choose to have at least two sets of dish ware—one, more durable option, for every day use and a more high-end option for entertaining and special occasions.

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