If you want your gifts to strike a chord with their recipients this holiday season, listen up.

Music lovers can be hard to shop for, as there are hundreds of genres and styles that make they move and groove.

However, we think we are pretty on key when it comes to our suggestions, as most musicians and music buffs alike will vibe with these picks found below.

From headphones and record players to listen to music with to instruments to actually play around on, we have choices for every member of the band.

For the music fans, keep on reading for band merch, collectables and more that fit almost every taste and price range.

Get ready to rock, roll and wrap, as the time to shop is now so you can sing carols and relax while you wait for these gifts to arrive ahead of the holidays.

A circle on a blue background with dark blue and purple music icons

For the person who always has at least one headphone in, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Amazon Music Unlimited gives you access to endless hours of music streaming as well as podcasts and audiobooks on any smart device. Plus, for a limited time, get three months free when you sign up now.

A red gift card to Fender for guitar lessons
Fender Play

Give a gift that they will be thankful for years to come. Fender Play is offering music guitar lessons, easily giftable with a pre-paid gift card. Choose between six months or a full year of lessons, giving you access to online video classes by world-class instructors on-demand, so you can get rocking ASAP.

A white case of AirPods

If they don’t have AirPods yet, what are you waiting for? The sleek white headphones are a great gift for a music or podcast lover that they can use at work, at the gym and when jamming out to their favorite playlists.

A black wireless speaker

Jam on the go with this portable speaker system. The OontZ is an Amazon bestseller, both for the super affordable price and the specs of the Bluetooth-enabled speaker with a 100-foot range.

A child playing a mini red electric guitar

Get your kiddo into music early with this adorable child-sized guitar from Loog. The mini electric guitar is tiny but still fully functional, allowing them to learn all their favorite songs. It also comes with a built-in amp and speaker, flashcards for learning chords and access to the app to learn music through AR and video lessons.

A pair of sunglasses diagram showing the audio features

Save your ears and protect your eyes all at once with these super high-tech audio sunglasses. Sold on Amazon, this gadget is a must-have for any tech or music lover, as they allow you to listen to music and even take phone calls with no in-ear buds or cords.

A retro-looking Crosley radio speaker

Go retro with this gift. The Crosley radio looks old school, but is really both a functional AM/FM radio and a high-tech Bluetooth speaker ready to blast some tunes. Choose between the radio or connect your smartphone when you want to DJ yourself.

A split image of Usher, Christina Agulera and Reba McEntire

Learn from the masters when it comes to all things music. Masterclass has a category just for music and entertainment folks, with classes taught by icons like Yo Yo Ma, Usher, Alisha Keys, Hans Zimmer and more. Now, for a limited time, you can buy one subscription and get one for free, making this a great gift to give and to get.

A poster with 64 guitars from history
Uncommon Goods

Study up on your rock and roll history with this poster from Uncommon Goods. The chart has cartoon images of 64 different iconic guitars through history, including those owned by legends like Buddy Holly and The Rolling Stones.

A man in a tie dye apron with bears on it
Hedly and Bennett

This would work for both the Dead Head in your life and the home chef. The apron from Hedley and Bennett is a limited-edition print for all Grateful Dead fans and has some hidden features like a “Hedley & Bennett” patch, an official Grateful Dead tag and the new rainbow ampersand to really set this gift apart.

An array of playing cards with famous musicians

For when you’re not playing the guitar, play some cards. These beautiful playing cards each have a different musical icon on them, from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse.

A doormat shaped like an amp with the name Hoffman on it in Fender font
Uncommon Goods

Tell everyone you are a music junkie, even before they set foot in your home. This doormat from Uncommon Goods gets even better when you realize you can customize it with your own last name or another message.

A black guitar that is a wall clock

What time is it? It’s rock o’clock according to this awesome gift from Walmart. The realistic guitar is actually a wall clock and comes in either brown or black to fit their room’s aesthetic.

A woman and a little girl playing the keyboard

It’s never too early to gift the gift of music. Teach your little one to play the piano or even the organ with this keyboard that has both functions. It also comes with a learning setting as well, teaching the skill of music to all.

A Beatles LEGO kit

Who said LEGO was only for kids? This amazing LEGO kit comes with 2,933 pieces and at the end, you will have a stunning piece of wall art with one of the four Beatles of your choosing. You can also take it apart and start over with a John, Paul, George or Ringo portrait for endless building and decor options.

A white mug with a "The is a sharp, not a hashtag" quote in black

You’d better not confuse the two in front of your music-loving friend. This funny mug is sold on Amazon and is a great silly gift for any White Elephant party, Secret Santa or even your music teacher.

A blue LED lit up guitar night light and a rainbow remote

Rock them to sleep, literally. This super cool LED guitar serves as an awesome piece of decor as well as a night light, making it a gift for all ages and all music lovers. It can change colors, too, at the press of a button on the included remote.

A clock made of classic rock record albums

This one is for those who want to go back in time to the era of classic rock. Now you can, with this clock that features records from that era, made by the artists at Society6. For those that like other types of music, they also offer clocks for country, pop and more.

A mint green Crosley record player
Urban Outfitters

Are you really a music lover if you don’t have a record player? Hook them up with a Crosley Voyager that is also updated for the modern music lover with Bluetooth. That way, they can play OG records and also hook up to Bluetooth to play whatever is on the current top 40.

A gold shelf with a record player on top and records at the bottom
Urban Outfitters

If they have too many records and not enough space, consider this thoughtful gift they can use to store all their music, accessories and their record player, too. The storage shelf from Urban Outfitters comes in four colors to match any room and have three shelves plus a grid to store records upright and safely.

An acoustic brown guitar

If they’ve always wanted to learn guitar but never took the time to get one, now is your chance to help them out. Many Orangewood guitars are now on sale, including the classic bestselling acoustic Brooklyn style, now only $275 instead of $345.

A karaoke kit with a gold mic and black cords

We’ll take a lucky guess and venture to say this is a great gift for any karaoke fan in your friend group. The Lucky Voice kit comes with everything you need for a great night, including a golden microphone, a compact mixer and all the cords and wires you need to set it up.