If it feels like everything that was once “outdated” is now firmly back in style, well, you’re not alone. Whether it was moto jackets or denim skirts, the fashion industry has been keeping us on our toes this year and making us think, so what’s next? In the land of items I would have previously banished from my closet, I have to admit that pointed-toe pumps are the last thing I could have anticipated to stage a comeback. And yet here we are in fall 2022 and the classic (albeit at times stuffy) heels are everywhere I look—and I want in.

The signs are all there. On the runways, designers are staging a renaissance of pointed-toe pumps and slingbacks with iterations that couldn’t be any cooler or more now. At Khaite, slingbacks were finished in party-ready metallics while at Loewe, heels made to look like balloons subverted the traditional shape of pumps. Meanwhile celebs from Rihanna to Hailey Bieber are preferring them over flat shoes, which tells me that they’ve officially been stripped of their “outdated” connotation.

For further evidence, see the celebrity outfits and runway looks that prove classic pumps are on their way back. Then shop our picks of the best pointed-toe pumps.