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There’s a lot to love about cast iron, from skillets to Dutch ovens to flat-top griddles. This durable high-heat cooking material is beloved by cooks around the world, regardless of skill level.

Chances are, there’s someone on your holiday list who’s a cast iron fan. Now is the perfect time to find a gift that’s both thoughtful and practical to help them get the most out of their favorite pieces of cookware.

A cast iron grill press

A cast iron grill press – $21.17

Cuisinart, Cast Iron Grill Press (Wood Handle)



Every cast iron enthusiast will love the idea of pressing their burger with a cast iron flat while it cooks on their cast iron griddle. This clever tool has a sturdy and heat-proof wooden handle to firmly press burgers, paninis, and other flat foods into the cooking surface for a nice char. If you’re working on a grill, you can achieve the sought-after grill lines. Indoors, this tool lets you replicate the effect of a panini maker without getting a new appliance.

Polycarbonate pan cleaners

Polycarbonate pan cleaners – $6.95

Original Pan Scrapers Set, 4 Pack Flexible Thicker Polycarbonate Plastic Pan Scraper Tools for Cast Iron Skillets, Cookware, Pans, Dishes and Pots



Cast iron is great, but it’s not scratch-proof. To save your friend from having to gouge their cast iron with a scrub brush, and to protect their treasured skillet from damage, treat them to this set of polycarbonate pan scrapers. They’re made specifically for cast iron and similar surfaces and work like a stiff rubber spatula to remove cooked-on food without damaging the pot’s surface. The scrapers are also dishwasher safe and totally reusable, so they’ll last for years.

Flat top griddle accessories 

Flat top griddle accessories – $26.99

OUII Flat Top Griddle Accessories Set for Blackstone and Camp Chef Griddle



If the cast iron enthusiast in your life is into flat-top grilling, this set of accessories is the perfect holiday gift. The set includes four stainless steel spatulas in various sizes, a grill scraper, and two squeeze bottles for dressing burgers, veggies and more with the chef’s secret sauce. Your friend may just turn into a hibachi master with this gear in hand.

A Dutch oven tote

A Dutch oven tote – $32.98

Lodge Bag Camp Dutch Oven Tote, 12 Inch, Black



Cast iron-toting campers need to protect their Dutch oven. And this heavy-duty carrying tote from Lodge does that, and then some. It has a sturdy velcro handle for easy transport and is made from water-resistant polyester to protect the iron from the elements. The bag comes in four sizes and is even padded on the inside to protect the pot from damage.

A stand and lid lifter for open-fire cooking

A stand and lid lifter for open-fire cooking – $19.99

Tysun Dutch Oven Lid Lifter and Dutch Oven Lid Stand



Anyone who plans to cook over an open stove will appreciate this handy set of campfire tools. It includes a cast iron stand that can support a Dutch oven as well as a long-handled lid lifter to safely open the pot from afar. Campers can even use the stand to turn a Dutch oven lid into a skillet.

Silicone handle covers

Silicone handle covers – $7.99

Silicone Hot Handle Holder for Cast Iron Skillet



A full cast iron skillet can be a very heavy thing to maneuver around the kitchen, especially if it’s hot out of the oven. These grippy silicone pot holders make things a bit easier and safer. They’re designed to fit snugly on the handle of most cast iron frying pans and protect the cook’s hand from heat and slipping. This is a great inexpensive stocking stuffer for cast iron users.

A cleaning kit

A cleaning kit – $49.99

Culina Cast Iron Seasoning and Cleaning Kit



Cast iron cookware can last for generations if it’s properly cared for. And this set of cleaning tools includes everything your family member or friend needs to keep their skillet in tip-top shape. The kit comes with gentle cast iron soap for everyday washing, a deeper scrub and a chain-mail brush for bigger cleaning jobs, and a seasoning stick and oil to protect and reinforce the non-stick layer on the skillet.

A cast iron cookbook

A cast iron cookbook – $24.32

The Complete Cast Iron Cookbook: A Tantalizing Collection of Over 240 Recipes for Your Cast-Iron Cookware

Cider Mill Press


Every home cook can use some recipe inspiration to get out of their everyday routine, and this beautiful cookbook is made for the cast iron aficionado. It includes over 240 recipes with stunning images for everything from skillet apple pies to fluffy frittatas. 

A cast iron trivet 

A cast iron trivet – $17.36

Cast Iron Trivet, Tree of Life Decor



One of the great things about cooking in cast iron is that the pot is nice enough to serve out of. But if you don’t want to place a piping hot pot of food on the delicate wood dining table, this cast iron trivet is a must. It has rubber foot coverings so it won’t scratch soft surfaces, and fits nearly any size dutch oven or skillet.

A cast iron storage rack 

A cast iron storage rack – $26.99

Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, Extra Large 5 Tier Rack



If you know someone with a big collection of cast iron cookware, it can be hard to store it neatly. This heavy-duty wire rack is strong enough to support a tower of cast iron skillets in all shapes and sizes. It comes fully assembled and ready to use, so your friend won’t have to spend hours piecing it together.