Home style The functional and the fabulous: Sun Valley to host snow-style fashion show | Arts & Events

The functional and the fabulous: Sun Valley to host snow-style fashion show | Arts & Events

The functional and the fabulous: Sun Valley to host snow-style fashion show | Arts & Events

In past years, Sun Valley’s fashion show has celebrated retro and vintage styles. This weekend, they look to the future.

This Saturday, the clothing retailer Gorsuch and the US Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame will present the 2023 Ski Fashion Preview Runway Show.

The most revered ski brands will offer sneak peaks of their lines for next season. Witness what are soon to be the hottest trends turn heads on the runway before they hit the mountain.

All the models are local. A voiceover will explain the functionality of each garment. The show helps consumers start planning their attire for next year early. Alternatively, brands can get feedback before finalizing their lines.

Boston-based fashion show producer Kathy Benharris is running the show. She takes pride in being a disrupter.

“I always want to take my attendees on a fashion journey,” Benharris said. “I want to surprise them. I want to delight them. … I always want to leave them wanting more.”

Watching a fashion show allows consumers to see how clothes move, something essential to snowsports.

This show will even include après ski wear. Après ski (French for “after ski”) are the clothes for relaxing with your friends, eating and drinking after a long day on the slopes.

Although she comes from the traditional fashion world, snow-style is Benharris’s passion. She believes clothing can be a gateway to get people into skiing and snowboarding.

“I love getting more people involved in snowsports,” Benharris said. “I want everyone to be as happy as I am in the winter.”

She began skiing in the 80s.

“Back then, those stretch pants looked great,” Benharris said. “But did they keep your ass warm on the chairlift? Probably not.”

There was a notion in the past—potentially true—that if a snowsport outfit looked good, then it probably wouldn’t keep you warm, dry and safe.

“That’s gone away,” Benharris said. “Now, we can look amazing and be protected from the elements.”

These days, there’s no shame in shredding powder while dressed to the nines. She says unless you ski naked, you’re already making fashion choices.

“Why not wear stuff that makes us feel strong, powerful and confident?” Benharris said.

On the mountain, there is no dress code.

“You can choose your own adventure up there,” Benharris said. “You can tell whatever fashion story you want.”