Plant stylist and consultant Maryah Greene.

Ricardo Carlota

Red, white, and green is the traditional yuletide color palette in most homes during the holiday season. What do you do, though, if your friend, partner, family member—or perhaps even yourself—has mastered the green hue through a bevy of houseplants? You might be wondering what special gift to bestow to keep the interiors of their home looking, well, green for the holidays. So, we called up Maryah Greene of Greene Piece, an operation that started as an Instagram account full of houseplant hacks and bloomed into a profitable business offering plant care services and more.

As a full-time plant stylist and consultant, Maryah knows exactly what tools and materials will make houseplants thrive in any space regardless of access to sunlight or lack of humidity (a serious problem for those tropical plants). The best part is these are items Maryah not only uses but recommends to her clients. Without further ado, read on for her holiday gift list, from practical and low-budget plant accessories to splurge-worthy must-have gift ideas for every plant person, monstera mom, or succulent sweetheart in your life. 

At the top of the list is a handy tool anyone can learn to use. “This is the number one thing that I always recommend to my clients,” Maryah tells us. “While there are moisture meters on the market that some people really like, I prefer the soil probe because it measures the moisture at the root level.” The tool teaches users how to understand what the soil should look like when it comes time to watering (the perfect gift for anyone who under or overwaters their indoor garden). Plus, it acts as a means for aerating roots to save a plant from drowning. “There are notches in the wand, and, when you put it in the dirt, the wand notches fill with soil,” Maryah explains. “It shows you what the soil actually looks like. Based on that reading, you can then determine how much water to give your plants. It is by far my favorite tool.”

Blomus Minimalist Watering Can

There are watering cans, and then there are Blomus watering cans. “Watering cans are a hit or miss for me. They can run out of water too fast, if their base isn’t big enough. Or, if there isn’t a holder at top, water can spill out the side, which is why this particular watering can is one of my favorites,” Maryah says. With its slim pour, the Blomus watering can may also reach greenery placed high up in plant hangers. But it is also just a really beautiful tool in the style of German minimalism, making it a nice albeit expensive piece of decor all its own. “This watering can is on the pricier side, but it’s one of the only watering cans that doesn’t require clean up from spills upon using it.”

VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear

These spring-loaded shears automatically push themselves open, reducing the user’s hand fatigue. The comfort grip handles and micro tip snips also make using the tool a cinch while allowing for precision. Maryah adds, “They might not appear the most glamorous, but of all the shears that I have tried, these are my favorite. I highly recommend.” A practical gift is a great gift in our book. 

Greene Piece Gift Card – Coming Soon

Is your loved one unsure where to begin in transforming their green space or lacking a green thumb? Maryah offers several different services, including regular plant maintenance or turning any abode into a “full houseplant jungle.” During a consultation, Greene Piece will assess lighting, air quality, and room temperatures. Depending on these and other factors, like your preferred aesthetic and budget, Maryah will match you with your perfect houseplants. “One thing that I have been getting asked a lot about is whether or not I can gift my services or a plant consultation with me or a plant shopping session. There will be a gift card section on my site by the holidays. You can tell us your budget, and we send you a gift card.” (Clever readers can get 10{c30f02d1a3839018c3a3c8c7102050a0b32e2e4f8eba54dea6cc544f0247e749} off purchase with the code GREENEPLANTS at checkout.)

Hair Spray Bottle, Continuous Spray Water Bottle

Though advertised as a hairspray bottle, this tool can serve a multitude of purposes but functions especially well as a plant mister. Maryah says that the trick is its continuous spray. “Once you press the pump, it continues to release spray for a total of two or three seconds as opposed to having to keep pumping away,” she explains. “It is really satisfying to use.” Misting bottles are also the best means of avoiding overwatering. Maryah adds, “You can do misting as many times a day as you like. And as we go to cooler seasons—especially if you live in one of those apartments where you cannot control the heat—I would highly recommend looking into misting bottles.” However, she warns that misting is best used for tropical plants and doesn’t necessarily work for plants from drier climes. 

If you really want to knock the socks off a plant enthusiast, consider gifting them a Soltech Solutions Grow Light. Even though these grow lights tend to be on the pricier side, they can be game changers for anyone living in a low-lit or north-facing apartment. “I really swear by this light,” Maryah says. “I’ve seen spaces that didn’t have any natural light at all—that had plants really suffering in them—switch to this grow light and the plants began thriving and could enjoy tropical plants that they otherwise couldn’t have had.” Not to mention, this grow light doesn’t come with the usual tint. “A lot of people can be turned off by grow lights for their purplish hue and don’t really want that vibe in their space, but this is just a regular white light, so it’s great.” And, she adds, it comes with a timer.

Grounded Plants Golden Pothos

No plant lover gifts list would be complete without an actual plant rec. “This is a female-owned, Black e-commerce business based in Washington, D.C., and they ship plants straight to your door.” Every plant sent comes with specific care guides to walk recipients through how to best care for their new plant, and they have a wide curation for beginners. “I love their selection, and, more than that, I love the education that they have with their plants. Before you even purchase a plant, they will ask you a ton of questions because they want you to have the ideal plant for you.” Worried about the plant perishing during transit? “This company has truly mastered how to send along plants in the mail—they even have moisture beads in the plants’ pots. They have really troubleshot the process.” (Use the code GREENEPIECE for $5 off your first plant purchase.)

Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

Maryah has tried several different potting soil brands. This one—with its mixture of earthworm castings, bat guano, sea-going fish, crab meal, and more—has the most consistency in terms of its mixture from bag to bag. “The reason I like this soil so much is the content mixture in it. Sometimes, when you get really common types of soil brands out there, you’ll find that every bag is different. Sometimes you will get more or less of the mixture’s ingredients over others, but not with Foxfarm.” 

Little Shop of Soil carries some of the most original pots around and will make a unique gift for any plant lover. “Every couple of months they rotate out different planter pots, and they update their artists all the time. Plus, if they sell out of an artist, they have the artist’s Instagram name on their website, so you can still find them,” Maryah says. Each piece from Little Shop of Soil is individualized because they aren’t mass-produced. “If you follow the shop on Instagram, they announce when a new drop is happening. I am so in love with their planters. If you get one, I can guarantee that no one else will have the exact same.”