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The way to create a 3-D jewelry set

The way to create a 3-D jewelry set

What you want:

Findings – Those may also be other in accordance with non-public personal tastes:


The way to create a 3-D jewelry set
Famous person Assortment prior to sharpening


  1. First it is very important noticed/record the sprue off the portions
  2. You’ll be able to pre buff/ pre polish the superstar items which makes cleansing more straightforward after soldering
  3. The use of buff sticks to buff again the solid end going from coarse to advantageous
  4. After you have were given to advantageous buff paper you’ll be able to start to polish the use of luxi compound –blue for first degree with the calico mop
  5. There are information marks on the brink of the superstar pendant and earrings you need to solder bounce rings to
  6. You’ll be able to record bounce rings with triangular record to provide them an perspective on the ends in order that they sit down flat towards the purpose of the superstar
  7. Follow solder paste the place the information marks are at the stars
  8. At the soldering block, push the bounce ring towards the celebs information marks and use tweezers to carry the bounce ring in position
  9. The use of the hand torch, warmth up the cast superstar and as soon as it’s beginning to flip color slowly transfer alongside to the bounce ring so it will get to tempreture at identical time till the solder melts and joins the items in combination
  10. Quench and put it in pickle, rinse after pickling to clean off acids.
  11. Should you didn’t buff and pre polish in the past now it is very important buff again the solid end and if you want to take away any additional solder
  12. Polish the piece the use of luxi compound – blue for first degree the use of a calico mop
  13. Then polish with White luxi compound and a fluffy mop
  14. On your earrings you’ll be able to open up your ear twine after which shut it again in combination
  15. For the superstar pendant necklace, dependent at the bail you select you’ll be able to both upload it at once the the bounce ring or if required it’s possible you’ll wish to upload every other smaller bounce ring prior to the bail.
  16. Ultrasonic or blank off any residual polish and upload a sequence to the pendant.
Completed Jewelry Set

Non-compulsory: you’ll be able to both utterly shut your findings via soldering them all the way through soldering step 9 or go away the findings semi open and simply driven in combination .

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Author: Amarah Mann