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This Week’s Picks: Halloween Spirit

This Week’s Picks: Halloween Spirit

With Halloween just about a month away, the GDA team is gearing up for the spirited holiday with spooky gifts and décor. See a few of their favorite finds below.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Kid-Friendly Creepy Reads

Both of my children love two things dearly: books and Halloween. Throw in a piece of Halloween candy while we read spooky tales, and it’s pretty much their idea of a perfect evening. (Mine too, actually.) I’m going to surprise them with these fun new books from Chronicle Books as soon as they get home from school today, as we usher in haunting season with some ideal fall weather.

My son will love Tiny T. Rex and the Tricks of Treating, because dinosaurs are another thing on his list of all-time favorites, and he’s been counting up a storm. Clementine will enjoy Death & Sparkles, a graphic novel that follows a unicorn (which tops her list of favorite things) and personified death and their unlikely friendship. Together, I’m looking forward to sharing Spooky Sleuth & Solve, as I fancy myself a backseat detective, and solving pretend crimes is a fun hobby for my daughter and I to do together. Happy Halloween!

Alex Herring’s Pick: Zombie Flamingoes

In my neighborhood, Halloween is taken very seriously. Starting in mid-September each year, spiders, cobwebs and scarecrows begin to pop up in my neighbors’ yards, and I love it. I tend to be more eclectic in my seasonal decorating, however, so while I have nothing against spiders, zombie flamingoes are more my style. (Because why not?) With their red eyes and toothy grins, these birds from Cado give me the creeps, in the best way possible. A few added gravestones and skeletons make my front yard look truly macabre and ready for haunting season!

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Fashionable Skull Earrings

I don’t just love Halloween; I love the entire spooky season leading up to it! That’s why I have a whole collection of Halloween barrettes and hair accessories, necklaces and — especially— earrings. I particularly like skull earrings since they can kind of be chic in their black-and-white design, yet still festive. So when I saw this adorable pair at a local gift shop in Woodstock’s historical square, I had to have them!

The earrings, by UnPossible Cuts, are handmade in the U.S. by two Bay-Area veterans with sustainably sourced wood. They’re super lightweight so they never hurt my ears or weigh them down, all while being just the cute hint of Halloween I like. The brand makes lots of different styles — for Halloween, I have my eye on their mismatched Friday the 13th pair with a little knife and mask. Designs span from beautiful lotus flowers to neon lightning bolts to cute foxes to funny pairings of chicken and waffles. All of their packaging is also biodegradable. What a company!

This Week’s Picks: Halloween Spirit