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At the start of last year, our sartorial society leaned into what could only be described as dopamine dressing—a tendency towards vibrant, maximalist attire that reminded us just how fun getting dressed up could be. If you weren’t doing the most, what was the point? As we dive into 2022, I certainly see 2021’s over-the-top aesthetic honing itself to be a little more refined, but still striking. And of course, my To Buy list for the year is already rather large. What can I say? I’m embracing my inner material gworl.

Oh, you aren’t one of thousands of TikTok users with the song “Material Girl” by Saucy Santana playing in your head on repeat? Talk about missing out. Ever since the song started trending a few months back, it has held an unreasonable amount of space in my brain, creeping up to bark “material gworlllll,” every time I make a purchase, put on lip gloss or snap a selfie.

Madonna was the original material girl, but Saucy Santana’s take just screams 2022. Her designer wishlist of Chanel boots and pearls, Tiffany jewelry, Balenciaga footwear and Balmain everything is downright inspirational. “Gucci, Louis, Prada, it don’t matter,” she sings—and she’s damn right!

I’m partially kidding, but to be fair, embracing your inner material gworl is a total blast. Even if I can’t splurge on every little luxury buy my heart desires, I’ll certainly spend my time filling up an online shopping cart as if I can! Below, check out the show-stopping pieces I’d buy for the year ahead if I had a material gworl budget to match my luxury taste.

STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Versace.

These Versace Platform Heels

The Mary Jane style of these chunky Versace babies went viral back in 2021, but I’m loving this open-toed mule for a slightly more wearable take. Wearable, I mean, if you can balance in sky-high platforms and justify paying over a grand for shoes you’ll rarely wear.


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of JW Anderson.

This Chunky Chain JW Anderson Bag

JW Anderson bags aren’t usually my vibe, but this relaxed silhouette with the glammed-up signature chunky gold chain certainly has my attention. Quiet luxury has never been so loud—in a great way.

STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Miu Miu.

These Quillted Miu Miu Duvet Trousers

I swear I’d be a better person if I had these Miu Miu pants in my life. Like, I can feel it in my bones. It seems impossible to be in a bad mood with these on.


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Coperni.

This Satisfying Coperni Purse

The Coperni Swipe Bag’s rise to It Bag status has begun, so get ’em while they’re hot. My personal fave is any shade of pink, so this delightful fuchsia moment has my heart.

STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Prada.

These Maximalist Knit Prada Boots

This ’60s-inspired patterned jacquard has been on my mind for months, and now that I’ve talked myself out of getting the matching Cleo bag, I feel like I deserve something in this print! Unsurprisingly, these incredible boots will suffice.


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Fendi.

This Pre-Loved Fendi Baguette

Even material gworls love a secondhand moment! Especially when it comes to Fendi baguettes, in my humble, materialistic opinion. If you’re seeking something timeless, let this classic baguette light your fire.


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Versace.

These Necessary Versace Tights

Tights are cool again—and of course, the bolder the better. In true Gen-Z-wannabe fashion, I want a pair with a retro print, so Versace wins this round. Let’s all say a prayer they don’t snag easily.


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Balmain.

This Uncomfy-But-Chic Balmain Headband

OK, this thing is quite literally a bracelet for your scalp. Still, the Blair Waldorf in me so desperately wants it. In the grand scheme of life, a gold-plated headband that costs more than half my rent almost feels reasonable, right? Right??

STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Gucci.

This Gucci Jackie In The Most Perfect Green

Just like every other girl on the planet, I’m obsessed with green right now, so it’s no surprise I want a Jackie bag in a rich evergreen hue. This bag is totally timeless, but the shade gives it a 2022 twist—a match made in handbag heaven!


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Seymoure.

These Elbow-Length Leather Evening Gloves

Evening gloves are coming back, people—even if you don’t have a fancy soirée to attend! I don’t know how to prove it, but just you wait. Until then, I’ll be saving up to snag these dreamy green leather gloves from Seymoure to pair with absolutely everything.


STYLECASTER | Material Gworl Trend

Courtesy of Balenciaga.

This Actually-Practical Balenciaga Beanie

I reallly do need a new beanie…so why not splurge on a logomania iteration by Balenciaga? Many have predicted royal blue will be Kelly green’s successor in terms of must-wear hues, so this baby gives me a good head start. And yes, I’m using material gworl logic here, but it works.


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