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Top 3 Asian American Fashion Brands Introducing Heritage Fashion in the United States

Top 3 Asian American Fashion Brands Introducing Heritage Fashion in the United States

It would be an understatement to say that America is fashionable! American brands are forward-thinking, inventive, and consistently on the cutting edge of fashion such as some of the top streetwear, casualwear, and luxury brands in the world. Their style is a mash-up that reflects the country’s rich cultural diversity and roots. And some of the hottest fashion brands are founded by Asian Americans showcasing their unique styles!

Derek Lam & 10Crosby

Founded by Derek Lam, a Chinese-American fashion designer, he grew up in San Francisco with Asian-American parents who imported garments from Asia. They, too, had followed in the footsteps of his grandparents, who had previously managed a textile factory in San Francisco. Lam debuted his own line in 2003 and won a CFDA award in 2005. His clothing (for both Derek Lam and 10 Crosby) is sleek and delicate, with a form that is classic with a twist, and offer shoe, handbag, and eyewear collections in addition to clothing. Derek Lam started an e-commerce platform in 2010 to offer his ready-to-wear and accessory designs, followed by debuting a fragrance collection in 2015. Lam also incorporates environmentally-friendly fashion into his creations and the designs often feature non-chromed leather and eco-viscose. He’s currently also expanding on the use of recycled cashmere and polyester, as well as raw environmental materials in knitwear!

Akashi Kama

Alec Nakashima is a Japanese American who founded Akashi Kama in 2018. He employs a creative style that combines fashion aspects from two different societies. 

Like many other individuals with mixed backgrounds and heritage, Nakashima grew up wrestling with his Asian American identity and it wasn’t until a trip to Japan that he started to fully embrace the country and culture.  With direct influence from his experiences in Japan, he launched the new sustainable clothing brand that empowers individuals and promotes cultural appreciation. His clothing is mainly influenced by Japanese American culture, which creates a fusion and is a mixture of two entirely different worlds. 


The fabrics used by the brand is also of the highest quality and imported from Japan to stay loyal to the founder’s vision. Paying attention to every minor design detail, Akashi Kama offers a wide range of pieces and collections to brighten up one’s wardrobe.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim is a significant character in New York’s wave of Asian-American fashion designers. Born in Thailand and of Chinese origin, the designer has successfully developed his brand, 3.1, with his business partner Wen Zhou. With a strong wholesale business and six own-brand boutiques in New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London, and Miami, 3.1 Phillip Lim is one of a handful of major, fast-growing modern companies. Lim’s collections are based on reinventing classics to make them stand out from the crowd and mixed-media knit tops, asymmetrical skirts, layered dresses, are just some of the products. His clothing is both adorable and edgy, with a trendy price point, contributing to its long-standing appeal to women with varying fashion tastes.

With a combination of history, excellent craftsmanship, and the aim to promote more positivity in the world by allowing individuals to express themselves appropriately, these Asian-American brands are some of the best in the US!

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