Home Jewelry Trends In Gold Long Necklace Designs: What’s Hot In 2022

Trends In Gold Long Necklace Designs: What’s Hot In 2022

Trends In Gold Long Necklace Designs: What’s Hot In 2022

Most sought-after by South Indians are antique gold long necklace designs or haram sets. They wear it as a status symbol during grand functions. There is a variety of Harams out there. In terms of design, the most common examples are kemp stones, the goddess Lakshmi pendant, and long mango haram designs in gold. Let’s learn about a few latest varieties of harams available in today’s market.

Authentic Mango Mala (sometimes referred to as Managa Haram)

When it comes to a traditional hefty necklace, the managa malai is back! It is named after the fruit mango because of the mango-shaped components in its design. A long mango haram designs in gold is considered lucky for the bride since the fruit signifies love and fertility. Its intricate design and swanky appearance give the bride an air of luxury, symbolising that this is her big day! It’s a lovely reflection of everything nostalgic since it’s both eloquent and ethnic at the same time. 

The Mango Haram Design in Antique Gold Kundan

Intricate and stunning Kundan work in gold embellished with stones gives a distinctive look to a mango haram. Mango Mala is a treasure that exhibits nature’s splendour. Weddings and engagements are ideal occasions to use such a statement piece!

A Magical Fusion of Gemstones 

A gorgeous gold Indian haram with pearls, emeralds, beads, Polkis and rubies is sure to turn heads. It’s the perfect piece to compliment any heavy clothing because of its stunning brilliance. These classic gold long necklace designs are highly demanded during the festive and wedding season.

Gorgeous Gundala Haram

The Gundla haram is a traditional necklace of gold balls or beads strung on a long chain. The antique effect is achieved in many models by utilising a dull finish. A substantial, unusual locket is often added to a Gundala haram to improve its aesthetic value. The single piece of jewellery complements silk sarees and produces an outstanding impression.

Bejewelled Malai

One of a kind, a necklace from Tamil Nadu made from a combination of gold and pearl is the ultimate piece of jewellery. The pearls’ lustrous lustre contrasts with the golden sheen of the gold. A hefty gold pendant with peacock and lotus motifs is often added to give the stone Malai an air of royalty. It’s a visual pleasure!

Haram necklace with Temple work

In southern India, temple gold long necklace designs have been necessary for women’s wardrobes for centuries. Recent years have seen an uptick in the popularity of this age-old craftsmanship as a fashion statement for modern ladies. Brides love the opulence of this jewellery, which is why it is so popular. The moniker “temple jewellery” comes from the fact that it is often based on depictions of sacred icons. The typical idol themes include Lakshmi, Venkateshwara, Raam, and their families, to name a few. They are also decorated with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones and a variety of beautiful beads. Regardless of age, a magnificent gold necklace with a large idol pendant may be worn by any woman. They’re more expensive since they’re statement items.

Antique Lakshmi Kasulaperu Haram

It would be best if you adorned yourself with an antique and traditional Gold Lakshmi Kasulaperu Haaram. These talismans are exquisitely created and have a heavenly quality to them. The Kasula Haram is constantly at the forefront of every woman’s thoughts. Do you know why? It is because such gold long necklace designs are exceptionally alluring, particularly at any special event—the pieces brimming with holiness and culture.

You can find gold harams in various styles, from classic to contemporary, hefty to delicate, and so on. If you’re looking for a jewellery store that makes you feel at ease while you shop, go no further than Vaibhav Jewellers! You’ll be spoiled for choice whether you visit us in person or place your order online.