“What’s old is new again” was a headline in Vogue magazine in November. Vintage furniture is the hottest home decor trend, according to the magazine and other sources. In fact, vintage and consignment furniture and home goods are expected to be even more popular in the coming years.

That’s good news for downtown Tehachapi where there’s been an explosion of shops offering such merchandise, along with antiques, memorabilia, vintage jewelry and clothing and similar eclectic and collectible items.

The mountain community has long been a popular destination for special events, apple season, unique restaurants and small wineries. Now there are ample shopping opportunities downtown for anyone seeking one-of-a-kind furniture or decor items — or older folks wanting to enjoy a trip down memory lane.

“Downtown Tehachapi is the perfect setting for these unique shops and they continue to get better each year,” said Corey Costelloe, economic development coordinator and assistant to the city manager for the city of Tehachapi. “The owners and staff do a tremendous job of adding to the charm that is downtown. Combined with the diverse restaurants, live theater, museums and other attractions, they help make historic downtown Tehachapi an experience that brings people back time and time again.”

Seven shops are along the city’s main street, Tehachapi Boulevard, and most are within walking distance of each other. Four others are in the downtown area. And if you need even more retail therapy, the friendly folks at the Tehachapi Visitor Center will be happy to clue you in on other furniture and thrift stores in the Greater Tehachapi area, as well as places to buy the work of local artists (and enjoy a meal).

Like their owners, the shops each have their own personality and charm and something to suit every shopper’s passion — from elegant boutiques to eclectic jumbles.

Some merchandise is sourced from estate sales and many of the shops carry items on consignment and also host vendor booths. Collectively, the square footage rivals that of a large department store — and dozens of individuals are responsible for creating a vibrant vintage shopping experience.

During the winter — and with the continuing challenge of staying in business during COVID-19 times — some of the shops have short hours. Planning a trip on a Friday or Saturday afternoon is your best bet for finding most of them open.