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Hi Vogue, my name is Samara Weaving,

and I’m going to be walking you through my skincare routine

and my daytime makeup look, day to night.

My first step is washing my face.

Biologique Recherche.

My skin is super dry, and very temperamental.

I actually had really bad acne last year.

I have to be very gentle with it.

I use this Dermalist Radiance

Ultra-Smoothing Facial Exfoliant.

From Biologique, it’s Serum Biosensible.

I ignored skincare for a really long time.

It wasn’t until I hit problems that I actually started

taking care of my skin, I’d try to tackle it myself,

so it wasn’t until I went and spoke

to a dermatologist, they told me how to properly

take good care of my skin.

It’s been a game changer.

For my day moisturizer, I like to have one

that’s light but really moisturizing,

whereas at nighttime, I put

a quite heavy moisturizing night mask on.

La Prairie.

I take really good care of my skin,

especially when I’m working,

and that’s when it does tend to slip

because I’m so tired.

When you get home, the last thing I really want to do

is spend 20 minutes to an hour working on my skin,

but I do find that it’s worth it,

and then sometimes I try and make it fun,

like you know, I’ll multitask and listen

to a fun podcast or maybe talk to my husband.


But I think I used to rush through it

as a sort of chore, and then I had to put that

in my head and make it exciting for myself.

When I had acne, I actually couldn’t use

any products at all.

It was quite devastating.

My skin got so dry, but it had to dry out

to get rid of the acne, and I was using,

you know, prescription medication on my skin.

The next thing I’m gonna do is sunscreen.

Sunscreen is one I learned about

when I moved to Australia when I was, what, 12?

I’ve already had a mole removed from the sun.

Now we’re gonna start the makeup section.

I don’t use foundation.

I wish I knew how to do it, but for the life of me,

I don’t know if I put too much on,

I don’t know if I put too little on.

The concealer I use is called Kosas.

I just kind of pat it like where I see spots.

I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I knew it was a thing.

My mum would get very upset with me

for rummaging around her makeup bag

and destroying her makeup.

I would do like musicals and plays when I was little

and that was kind of the only time you could wear

a lot of makeup, and I looked forward to it so much.

I would save up all my pocket money

and just spend it all on makeup products.

I kind of rub it in, just in the problem areas.

I’m using the Kosas one because it’s quite light

and I don’t need too much coverage today, yes!

So I know I look a bit strange and bright

and washed out now, but don’t worry,

because I have a blush.

I used to use a lot of powders,

but I think just because my skin is so dry anyway,

it would kind of flake off.

So I try to keep my skin as dewy as I can.

I’m gonna use the Hourglass one.

I can just notice that there’s some

little bits poking through.

I’m just gonna put a little bit of lip balm on my lips,

look at this giant tub.

Do you know what I use this for sometimes?

My friend in school did it, and I copied her,

she would put it under her eyes when she slept.

It just makes you look like you slept

for a million years.

We’re gonna do some bronzer.

This is the bronzer, Bobbi Brown.

So I use this highlighter.

This is a more subtle makeup,

and I do enjoy that on a day-to-day basis,

but when the time calls for a crazy look,

I am obsessed.

I love getting all dolled up and going to dinner

or a red carpet.

It changes my mood and how I carry myself.

Like if my makeup artist does maybe a really heavy,

smoky eye, I’ll feel kind of mysterious and sexy.

This is the eyeshadow I use.

I like to use this jet setter one,

and then sometimes I use the firecracker,

’cause it’s quite glittery.

I always kind of go in the more bronzy tones.

What I’m trying to do is create the illusion

that my eyes go up like a cat.

Sometimes I just stop here with my eyeshadow,

but I am going to a dinner tonight,

so maybe I’ll just put a little bit under my lash line.

And then I kind of follow the line in an upward motion.

Now I’m gonna put some eyeliner on in my waterline.

I have this Tom Ford one.

I wear a sleeping mask, a silk one,

so it’s good for my skin, but it does

just smoosh my lashes.

So, I curl them now.

One time in a movie, there was a scene

where my eye gets gouged out with a hammer.

The makeup artist had this awesome prosthetic,

and they made my eye look so swollen and gruesome.

The biggest sort of beauty transformation I did

was for Nine Perfect Strangers.

We wanted to make me look like I had

a lot of plastic surgery done, like a facelift,

and we had fake teeth, and they would put fishing wire

on the sides of my head and basically did,

they did that with my face.

This mascara, by Westman Atelier.

I have been hunting for the perfect mascara for so long.

There’s something very calming about doing this,

I think because you’re concentrating so much,

it’s hard not to think about anything else.

I struggle with anxiety and depression,

and [chuckles] anything that stops the wheels

constantly moving is good.

I do think skincare and makeup can actually play

quite a nice role into self-care.

It’s a good time just to pause and take a breath,

’cause sometimes in the mornings, it’s a bit frantic

and I wake up and you know, there’s a million emails.

That anxiety can just take off.

Taking a minute out of my day to do this

is actually quite nice.

The best thing for my anxiety and my depression

is I will go to therapy once a week

and I take mood stabilizers and beta blockers,

and I’m not ashamed to say that.

During the pandemic, all my yoga classes were shut down,

so I took it upon myself to just force myself

to do 20 minutes of yoga every day

for 10 days, ’cause I heard that it takes 10 days

to make a habit.

Anyway, I did it and now, I do 20 minutes of yoga every day.

Let’s do my eyebrows.

I use Charlotte Tilbury.

I know people enjoy people’s eyebrows

just going straight up.

I respect it but I’m not a massive fan.

I like my eyebrows to go up and to the side.

They’re sisters, not twins.

The reason why they’re not twins

is because when I was 13, I took a razor

and just shaved a chunk out of my eyebrow

like an absolute dingdong.

I use some of the little makeup that’s on there

and I’ll just elongate them a little bit.

Let’s do some lippies.

I use this Glossier one.

It’s called Villa.

Then I kiss the back of my hand,

get rid of too much.

I use this Lancome Rosy Plump.

And then I’ll kind of just rub it in,

I don’t want it to look too glossy

because I’m gonna put this Tom Ford one on top

that is very fun, I’m obsessed with it at the minute.

Look at that glitter.

Maybe Euphoria started this trend of glitter everywhere.

I have Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops.

The last thing I do is I do a little fragrance.

Gucci Envy Me.

And then I do a little bit on the back of my neck

so that when people hug me, they smell.

This is my final look, we’ve completed.

Thank you so much for watching,

have a good day, bye.