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What Does Fashion Mean?
When it comes to choosing a fashion style, one never runs out of choices. There is a wide range of styles, colors, textures, materials used, makes and brands available. Choosing a wardrobe is never an easy task. There is always something that will make you look unique, special and different.

fashion style
Vintage Style. Vintage style is about the classy refined looks and elegance. These are classic materials and fashion which came into being in a bygone age but still is not that bygone years.

This fashion style is associated with sophistication and class. Women who are famous, or who have their own fan base would wear this type of clothing. They are wearing clothing that exude class and are in tune with the times they are wearing. They are not wearing clothing that is out of style and they are not wearing clothes that are beyond their means.

Fashionistas also like to experiment on what they wear on a daily basis. They want to change their looks on a regular basis. They want to wear bolder shades of their favorite color for example. To complete their bold look, they wear bolder clothing such as darker jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. Color is an important aspect of wearing fashion. If a woman is not bold, she would not dare to wear bolder colors.

Classic Fashion Style. The classic fashion style is associated with the image source. Women who are famous can afford to buy expensive dresses. They may also have the privilege of buying designer brand clothes. Since they are so popular, the images that depict them will be seen by many.

A typical piece of clothing worn by a celebrity or a fashion style for women is a leather jacket. They may also wear denim jeans, skirts, and blouses with plunging necklines. Leather jackets are an image source, an accessory for the rich and famous, and everyone in between.

Sports Fashion. There are many women who love sports. These clothes can be used as costume for occasions, or they may serve the purpose of wearing during exercise. Skirts can be sporty, tight legged jeans can be sporty, and so can a tank top and shorts combination.

Work Wear. A good fashion style can also be equated with work wear. An office full of young people wearing casual clothes is not viewed in a conservative manner, and therefore it is seen as more acceptable.

Ethnic/Nationality. The culture of each country can be seen in their clothing styles. The countries like the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Indian are quite fashionable with their clothing. The clothes of men and women are separated by culture, yet the fashion style of each country can be seen through their fashion styles.

Image Source. An image source can be anything, be it music, movies, television shows, etc. Some countries like China and India have a very eclectic fashion style where anything goes from sarees to salwar kameez to kimono dresses. An image source is therefore anything that gives a person a certain look or style.

Short and Long Sleeves. The length of the sleeves and the height of the buttons can be taken into consideration while choosing a new fashion style. A sleeveless shirt will be seen as conservative and a long sleeve will be seen as trendy. The height of the buttons should also be considered and should not be too low or too high.

Color of Clothing. The color of a clothing styles depends on the country and the culture of that country. For instance, in China red is more popular than blue, which in Europe is mostly green. In Japan the most popular fashion style is the one without any image source and this is mainly because they do not wear shirts or any other articles of clothing.

Jeans. Jeans are available in different cuts and styles. The cuts of jeans are dependent on the image source. For instance, in China they prefer low rise jeans so that the legs are not visible. However, in America high rise jeans are more popular.