All bodies are beautiful and it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Knowing which body type you are is just as important as this will help you dress and look good. And, as we all know, looking good and feeling good come in a pair. Here in this article, we will talk about the petite body type.

Now, what is the petite body type? A common misconception that exists is that it typically refers to women who are skinny and have a height that is shorter than the average American woman. However, to clarify this popular misconception, we must state that being “petite” has nothing to do with weight. Whether you are petite or not depends on your stature.

Why is it important to know your type?

Picking out clothes that you like and also make you feel comfortable at the same time is an uphill task as it is. Add to that the size issue that petite women face and you have an insurmountable task. Petite women face a lot of issues while shopping for clothes but these issues may be solved if you know what petite body type you are.

The defining features

The term “petite” is used extensively in the fashion industry to refer to a woman who is below the average height of 5 feet and 3 inches, which is 160 centimeters. As stated before, the petite body type has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with stature. Thus, there are many different types of petite body types, depending on their weight and their distribution of it. It is important to know your type when dressing.


The types, classifications, and features

Petite bodies can be classified into three types based on their metabolism rate. They are:

  • Ectomorph- This body type has a very fast metabolism rate and thus, they lose calories quite easily. This body type is desired by petite models, athletes, and other similar professionals. It is characterized by long limbs and a skinny build. They have muscular bellies and very slim physiques.
  • Mesomorph- This body type has shoulders that are wider than hips and they find it easy to both gain and lose weight. It is characterized by muscular bodies that have a medium build.
  • Endomorph- They have a larger fat percentage in their body but still have pretty strong muscles. They find it hard to lose weight and easy to gain it. Endomorphic bodies are curvy ones that have broad shoulders, short limbs, and narrow hips.

Now, these classifications are divided further into types. We shall now explore these types in detail.

  • Rectangle- The torso has a rectangular shape and the build is averagely muscular.
  • Triangle- The torso has a triangular shape and this body type has a slightly higher fat percentage than the rectangular shape.
  • Round- This body type has an oval shape and is heavier than the previous two.
  • Diamond- The diamond body type has a small bust, an undefined waistline, and narrow shoulders.
  • Hourglass- This body type is shaped like a pear. There are two types of this body type. The top hourglass and the bottom one.

Dressing a petite body type

petite body type

  • Dressing a petite body type becomes much easier when you know what type you are. According to fashion experts, those with petite bodies should go for clothes of the right size so that the clothes do not look too baggy. Many high-end brands have petite sizes and you can also opt to look for the perfect fit in the children’s section. Garments for teenagers in the age range of 10-15 years of age are often perfect for petite-bodied women.
  • Rolling up sleeves to shorten them is something that adds a certain glam to your look. It also looks good on petite body types. Crop tops and high-waist jeans work the same way and make the lower part of your body appear longer. It is best to go for skirts or dresses that end at the floor or at the middle as that will fit you perfectly and make you look fabulous.

petite body type

  • If you wear tops that end at the waist, it might not look good on a petite body type. Wearing clothes of the same color, also termed “columns of color” might also look good on a body type that is petite. If you add some heels to the mix, you might actually look as tall as 6 feet!
  • Plunge necklined clothes and “V” necks also look good on petite-bodied women but it is important to know your body type and which garment will suit it perfectly. You can always go for heels and wedges and avoid ankle straps. Large patterns and large polka-dotted designs are a no-no. And so are large accessories such as handbags or bracelets as they might not look good on you.

It is simply best if you go for all-in-one outfits such as jumpsuits, trouser suits, skirt suits, and also dresses. They look really good on petite body types.

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 Thus, it is easy to dress any body type once you know which type you are and what will look good on you. And last but not the least, it is most important to be comfortable and feel good, no matter what your body type is and what you are wearing.