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Some new styles in fashion, home decor and retail are already emerging as we head into 2022.
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2022 is almost here! As the world begins with a clean slate, trendsetters in fashion, architecture, technology and retail race to set the stage for a new normal. Just last week, US-based colour matching pioneers Pantone announced that the colour of 2022 would be Very Peri – a periwinkle blue with violet red undertones.

Now that the colour has been decided, what will our homes, our routines, and our dressing styles look like in the New Year? Time will tell, but in the meantime, we give you a heads-up with a curated list of trends that are already emerging around the world. Get these products with Amazon Prime and step into 2022 by staying ahead of the curve.

Dermalogica Clear Start Clearly Matte Skin Kit 

Skin care in 2022 is all about simplifying routines. Products with multiple uses, and ones that save time at the sink are getting the attention they rightly deserve. For those who struggle with acne-prone skin, this Dermalogica skin kit is simple and effective – a foaming wash, a breakout clearing booster and a sunscreen are all your skin really needs to get ready for the day.

Guess Women’s Cordelia Bag 

In the handbag world, next year is all about bright, bold colours that are full of optimism. Ditch the blacks, browns and tans and embrace the rainbow. This little number by Guess is a hobo style shoulder bag that’s designed for style and comfort. Buy it for yourself or a loved one and give the trendy gift of hope.

Aminac Essential Oils Diffuser with 8 Bottles of Essential Oils 

People are paying much more attention to sensory experiences in their home, especially when it comes to scent. By associating different scents with different areas of their home, they are inhabiting a space with all their senses. So let your home office be scented with sage (promotes mental acuity) and your bedroom smell like lavender or orange blossom to promote calm and sleep. Use Aminac’s diffuser and essential oils to experience the fragrance you’re looking for. You can set the timer and enjoy quiet wave diffusion technology to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Urban Classics Men’s Long, Hooded Open-Edge Cardigan 

The cardigan coat is a fashion trend that’s been developing from the Netherlands, a country where it’s often too hot for a jacket and too cold for a sweater. Brands like Urban Classics have solved the problem for men with long cardigan coats that have a mix of cotton and polyester to keep you warm and dry, while looking chic in the latest streetwear.

iDeer LIFE Smart Indoor Gardening System, Hydroponics Growing Kit 

In the pandemic, people all around the world brought their living spaces outdoors. Now, they’re going to bring the outdoors in. Plant parenting and biophilia are growing to new heights, as people create conservatory-like settings in their modern homes. Start your own indoor garden with this hydroponics system, with which you can grow herbs, flowers and even vegetables.

THEWHITESHOP Multilayer Metal Chain Belt Body Chain for Women 

The 1990’s are coming back in a big way. According to US-based women’s fashion website Harper’s Bazaar, chain belts are leading the trend – you can wear them around a knit dress or directly above the navel. Bring home this metallic, multi-layered chain belt and channel the 1990’s vibe.

Vero Moda Women’s Oversize Shirt 

American supermodel Gigi Hadid is wearing it, Italian luxury fashion house Fendi is selling it – the oversized button-down shirt is emerging as the newest silhouette. Pair it with oversized trousers and go with the flow of your carefree vibe. This 100 per cent organic cotton blouse by Vero Moda is on point.

Columbia Men’s Rapid Rivers Printed Short Sleeve Shirt 

In men’s fashion, the 1970’s style of boxy-fit short-sleeved printed shirts are making a comeback. Bold geometric or natural prints with a tailored-look are a must-have. Columbia has a variety of printed shirts in different colours – give them a try and pick your new look for 2022.

LUCKY STEP Women Holographic Iridescent Metallic Chunky Sneakers 

Whether it’s a pair of loafers or lace-ups, shoes are getting chunkier to create a classic shape and the right volume for your new oversized silhouette. These lightweight, holographic sneakers are perfect for casual wear and come in three cute colours.

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