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Which clothing fabric to select

Which clothing fabric to select

Do you ever think about the kinds of materials you buy? Maybe you have once ordered a clothing piece online and expected a very different fabric, that is why clothing fabric matters. Clothes are made out of natural or synthetic materials. But which is better to wear and will have the longest life? Read further to find out.

Natural material

Examples of natural materials are wool, cotton, linen, hemp and silk. Most of these materials are more expensive because it takes more effort to produce these materials. For example, cotton comes from a plant so it will need to grow. Natural fabrics may be more expensive than synthetic, but most of them are more breathable. If you find yourself sweating a lot you might want to wear a fabric like cotton, linen or hemp. These are also great for summers and allow air to get through. They might get more wrinkles in them. You could select a terry polo shirt that is made out of cotton.

Synthetic material

Synthetic fabrics are made in factories. Examples of them are polyester, rayon viscose and nylon. How these fabrics will feel on your skin will be very personal. Some people are allergic to some of these synthetic fabrics. But for example nylon is a great fabric for sportswear because it absorbs water. If you wear tight synthetic fabric there is a chance you will smell sweat, depending on the kind of fabric. But a good thing about synthetics is that they don’t wrinkle or stretch out.


Lots of materials blend, so you can buy clothing that contains cotton and polyester so you will still have the wrinkle free effect, but not the feeling of a synthetic fabric on your skin. Most of the natural materials will last longer if you take good care of them. Some synthetics will be able to last very long though, because they don’t stretch. But synthetics fibers do affect the environment, just like plastic does.


If you can choose between espadrilles guys made from a natural source or a synthetic sneaker, it is probably the best option to invest a little more and get a product that will last long and is better for the environment. Most natural materials will not only last long, but will also allow your skin to get fresh air while wearing it. This means no smelly feet!